ifwiki: Spring Thing 2008
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This directory contains files relating to Greg Boettcher's
2008 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

# readme.txt

Information about the competition.

# SpringThing2008.zip

All of the entered games, available in one archive.

# BlueLacuna.zip
tuid: ez2mcyx4zi98qlkh
ifwiki: Blue Lacuna

Blue Lacuna: Sneak Preview, by Aaron A. Reed.
Release 1. (Glulx)
(the finished version is in games/glulx/BlueLacuna.gblorb)

# Replay.zip
tuid: 7yfyrl3tek1zy1jc
ifwiki: Pascal's Wager

Pascal's Wager, by Doug Egan. Release 1. (Z-code)

# WithoutAClue.taf
tuid: gy6b8ii16v7yrtad
ifwiki: Without A Clue

Without A Clue, by David Whyld. (ADRIFT)
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