ifwiki: Spring Thing 2018
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This directory contains files relating to Aaron Reed's
2018 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

# 2018readme.txt

Information about the competition.

# SpringThing2018.zip

All of the entered games, available in one archive.

# ABunchOfKeys.zip
tuid: 5ijday9f6jren7k1
ifwiki: A Bunch of Keys

A Bunch of Keys, by Mike Gerwat (Inform/Glulx).
Release 1 / Serial number 180412.

# BestGopherEver.zip
tuid: qp3nwql4qjko4sz
ifwiki: Best Gopher Ever

Best Gopher Ever, by Arthur DiBianca (Inform/Z).
Release 1 / Serial number 180327.

# ConfessionsOfAnNPC.zip
tuid: t2fk8mnve65hvlb
ifwiki: Confessions of an NPC

Confessions of an NPC, by Charles Hans Huang (Twine).

# Drumsticks.quest
tuid: jjhhsr26tf2jvrvu
ifwiki: Drumsticks

Drumsticks, by Luke A. Jones (Quest).

# GuttersnipeTheBalefulBackwash.quest
tuid: 2xpjwqy4953d4o52
ifwiki: Guttersnipe: The Baleful Backwash

Guttersnipe: The Baleful Backwash,
by Bitter Karella (Quest).

# House.t3
tuid: 2tifxpo30ncld09z
ifwiki: House (by Karona)

House, by Karona (TADS 3).
Version 1.0.

# IlluminismoIniziato.gblorb
tuid: g4uj2rf4a66ko1t8
ifwiki: Illuminismo Iniziato 

Illuminismo Iniziato,
by Michael J. Coyne (Inform/Glulx).
Release 1 / Serial number 180228.
(a newer version is in games/glulx/illum.gblorb)

# LifeInANorthernTown-info.txt
tuid: tripjlpq996sqita
ifwiki: Life in a Northern Town

Life in a Northern Town, by People + Places
(Twine, inklewriter, Instagram, Medium Series,
(text file contains link to online version)

# MurderOnTheBigNothing.zblorb
tuid: y2l9aye4shrytruq
ifwiki: Murder on the Big Nothing

Murder on the Big Nothing, by Tony Pisculli (Inform/Z).
Release 1 / Serial number 180403.

# ReallyIfReallyAlways.zip
tuid: i7apruclansvpw8f

REALLY, IF / REALLY, ALWAYS, by Dawn Sueoka (Twine).

# RoadsInTempest.html
tuid: 9mrh1u1p1ujbi7rk
ifwiki: Roads in Tempest

Roads in Tempest, by Adam Bredenberg (Twine)

# SherlockIndomitable.gblorb
tuid: qqcypgszy8a48nsn
ifwiki: Sherlock Indomitable

Sherlock Indomitable,
by Brian Craig Rushton (Inform/Glulx).
Release 1 / Serial number 180324.
(source code is in

# SpyEye.zip
tuid: 709hmu1v5xwxe3cb
ifwiki: Spy EYE

Spy EYE, by The Marino Family (Undum).

# The4thBreakUp.zip
tuid: jccu3yf0qfqa7cs8
ifwiki: The 4th Break Up

The 4th Break Up, by Papp RĂ³bert
(Windows executable, built with the
Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game 
Construction Engine).

# TheEyesThatLookBack.zip
tuid: bo3xmvm6h4ycfwn1
ifwiki: The Eyes That Look Back

The Eyes That Look Back, by Leno (Twine).

# TheImposter.zip
tuid: f0lrg4r8ns4h6ric
ifwiki: The Imposter

The Imposter, by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano (Windrift).

# UltramarineASeapunkAdventure-Mac.zip
tuid: 7o2mk669xma0jrka
ifwiki: Ultramarine: A Seapunk Adventure

Ultramarine: A Seapunk Adventure,
by Seven Submarines (Ren'Py) (Mac version).

# UltramarineASeapunkAdventure-PC.zip
tuid: 7o2mk669xma0jrka
ifwiki: Ultramarine: A Seapunk Adventure

Ultramarine: A Seapunk Adventure,
by Seven Submarines (Ren'Py) (PC version).

# VenienceWorld.zip
tuid: jjvsq4cyaobvuv8i
ifwiki: Venience World

Venience World, by Daniel Spitz (HTML/Javascript).

# WereAllFansHereChapter1.html
tuid: 4ryxj0vl6z65uy4n
ifwiki: We're All Fans Here, Chapter 1

We're All Fans Here, Chapter 1, by Naomi Norbez (Twine).

# ZeppelinAdventure.zip
tuid: op5a8ug80gwyoagl
ifwiki: Zeppelin Adventure

Zeppelin Adventure, by Robin Johnson (Versificator 2).
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