ifwiki: Spring Thing 2019
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This directory contains files relating to Aaron Reed's
2019 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

# 2019readme.txt

Information about the competition.

# SpringThing2019.zip

All of the entered games, available in one archive.

# 69105MoreKeys.zip
tuid: 6gc48jktelyefn63

69105 More Keys, by Andrew Schultz (Inform/Z).
Release 1 / Serial number 190401.

# AmongTheSeasons.zip
tuid: wgyodty4b8x4n5i6
ifwiki: Among the Seasons

Among the Seasons, by Kieran Green (Twine).

# AShortWalkInTheSpring.zip
tuid: 717obtuw82t8wglq

a short walk in the spring, by Amorphous (Twine).

# Bullhockey2.zip
tuid: j8ixxid3k65ijwj3
ifwiki: Bullhockey 2: The Return of the Leather Whip

Bullhockey 2: The Return of the Leather Whip, by B F Lindsay (Inform/Glulx).
Release 1 / Serial number 190425.
(a newer version is in games/glulx/Bullhockey_2-The_Return_of_the_Leather_Whip.gblorb)

# Darkness.zip
tuid: z8treod1ut9qve51
ifwiki: Darkness (by Jeff Schomay)

Darkness, by Jeff Schomay (Elm Narrative Engine).

# DashiellHamlett.zip
tuid: cxpfnp291xgodosd

Dashiell Hamlett: The Blue Dane Meets the Black Bird, by Tony Pisculli (Ink).

# DoIDate-1.0-linux.tar.bz2
tuid: yllpno6rc62hxf5

Do I Date?, by Aurora Kakizaki (Ren'Py; Linux).

# DoIDate-1.0-mac.zip
tuid: yllpno6rc62hxf5

Do I Date?, by Aurora Kakizaki (Ren'Py; Mac).

# DoIDate-1.0-pc.zip
tuid: yllpno6rc62hxf5

Do I Date?, by Aurora Kakizaki (Ren'Py; Windows).

# Escape_Linux.zip
tuid: wyycuxu3epw1tmlf

Escape!, by Marnix van den Bos (XVAN; Linux).

# Escape_Mac.zip
tuid: wyycuxu3epw1tmlf

Escape!, by Marnix van den Bos (XVAN; Mac).

# Escape_Windows.zip
tuid: wyycuxu3epw1tmlf

Escape!, by Marnix van den Bos (XVAN; Windows).

# FoundersMercy.zip
tuid: nmr68r3c6jja244q
ifwiki: Founder's Mercy

Founder's Mercy, by Thomas Insel (Inform/Glulx).
Release 1 / Serial number 190330.

# IWillBeYourEyesAndHands.zip
tuid: l32hscq9xvjwut7l

I Will Be Your Eyes And Hands, by Cam Miller (Twine).

# OurDarkestThoughts.zip
tuid: fzlujfituyodaela

Our Darkest Thoughts, by Jesse Villa (Twine).

# PorterCaveAdventure.zip
tuid: abu3zwkz390pguau
ifwiki: Porter Cave Adventure

Porter Cave Adventure, by Cam Miller (Inform/Z).
Release 1 / Serial number 181128.

# Quiet.zip
tuid: 86gxa3fygqomatrd

Quiet, by Martyna "Lisza" Wasiluk (Twine).

# SanFrancisco2118.zip
tuid: k4iecodtkkbjebt

San Francisco, 2118, by Leah Case (Twine).

# TheDevilAndTheMayor.zip
tuid: 9d7zune40ttoes99

The Devil and the Mayor, by Jonathan Laury (Twine).

# TheEmptyChamber.zip
tuid: 35lhw7heoug2z2xn
ifwiki: The Empty Chamber

The Empty Chamber - A Celia Swift Mystery, by Tom Sykes (Inform/Glulx).
Release 5 / Serial number 190511.

# TheMissingRing.zip
tuid: sssjfr72s4uql5w1

The Missing Ring, by Felicity Drake (Twine).

# WeRTheWorld.zip
tuid: 2qxxnwxyrkpku4wa

WE R THE WORLD, by Dan Hoy & Mike Kleine (Twine).

# WritingProgramFive.zip
tuid: o72shryfapfcm84j

Writing Program Five, by Dan Cox (Twine).
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