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This directory contains files relating to Aaron Reed's
2020 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

# 2020readme.txt

Information about the competition.

# SpringThing2020.zip

Almost all of the entered games, available in one archive.
(Does not include "Another Love Story".)

# 4x4GalaxyScreenReaderFriendly.zip
tuid: dz630p4mn3mb9g58

4x4 Galaxy, by Agnieszka Trzaska (Twine).

# 77Verbs.zip
tuid: p3rd5133qm5cwfd

77 Verbs, by Mathbrush (Inform/Glulx).
Release 2 / Serial number 200328.
(source code is in source/inform/77Verbs.txt)

# AMurderInEngrams.zip
tuid: fnl7svp9izgzzd0h

A Murder In Engrams, by Noah Lemelson (Twine).
(Archive contains Twine source, not directly playable.)

# AnotherLoveStory-Linux.tar.bz2
tuid: m01nh6v1a9vf6lu9

Another Love Story (for Linux), by Hélène Sellier (Ren'Py).

# AnotherLoveStory-Mac.zip
tuid: m01nh6v1a9vf6lu9

Another Love Story (for Mac OSX), by Hélène Sellier (Ren'Py).

# AnotherLoveStory-Win.zip
tuid: m01nh6v1a9vf6lu9

Another Love Story (for Windows), by Hélène Sellier (Ren'Py).

# AssemblageOfAngels.zip
tuid: 8tzp4aalpyp3roj

Assemblage of Angels, by Els White (Twine).

# Braincase.zip
tuid: chsyxmeziydxmc2k

Braincase, by Dan Lance (Twine).

# CatchThatKitty.zip
tuid: allpmsmp8dsj3bh0

Catch that kitty, by Rohan (Twine).

# Composites.zip
tuid: fimsutcm4a786zah

composites, by B Minus Seven (Twine).

# Gunbaby.zip
tuid: 21pld47pgvj8bbm3

GUNBABY, by Damon L. Wakes (Twine).

# HawkTheHunter.zip
tuid: 4myvlf7n0sia2qc6

Hawk the Hunter, by Jonathan B. Himes (Quest).

# Jelly.zip
tuid: h3p9ae9gw92w91x

JELLY, by Tom Lento and Chandler Groover (Twine).

# Khellsphree.zip
tuid: pd5uisq3oxnoxpc9.

Khellsphree, by Ralfe Rich (Twine)

# NapiersCache.zip
tuid: 4np21bl7mr02wsk2

Napier's Cache, by Vivienne Dunstan (Inform/Glulx).
Release 1 / Serial number 200328.
(source code is in games/source/inform/NapiersCache.txt)

# QuestForTheHomeland.zip
tuid: ua61xgenbbrk653k

Quest for the Homeland, by Nikita Veselov (Ink).

# Silences.zip
tuid: poowe6017wo4kuw

silences, by beams (B Minus Seven) (Texture).

# SoAreTheDays.zip
tuid: ovkfbxc2r3rpp3q3

So Are the Days, by Dawn Sueoka (Twine).

# StatesOfAwareness.zip
tuid: qixcf3aibv032jnv

States of Awareness, by Kerry Taylor (Twine).

# TheGameThatNeverEnds.zip
tuid: nn1jhhhsl8ovfmjj

The Game That Never Ends, by Earth Traveler (Inform/Glulx).
Release 1 / Serial number 200426.

# TheGolden.zip
tuid: ielx3zn0q4a27s39

The Golden, by Kerry Taylor (Twine).

# TheLandOfBreakfastAndLunch.zip
tuid: 6amosv8uii9tq5s9
ifwiki: The Land of Breakfast and Lunch

The Land of Breakfast and Lunch, by Daniel Talsky (Inform/Glulx).
Release 12 / Serial number 200329.

# ThePronglemanJob.zip
tuid: pn191jd9gfpnwbi9

The Prongleman Job, by Arthur DiBianca (Inform/Glulx).
Release 1 / Serial number 200326.
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NapiersCache.zip2020-04-01 01:21 1.3M
QuestForTheHomeland.zip2020-04-01 01:24 25K
Silences.zip2020-04-01 01:31 567K
SoAreTheDays.zip2020-05-10 18:27 214K
SpringThing2020.zip2020-05-10 18:06 45M
StatesOfAwareness.zip2020-04-01 01:38 404K
TheGameThatNeverEnds.zip2020-04-28 02:03 1.4M
TheGolden.zip2020-04-01 00:59 261K
TheLandOfBreakfastAndLunch.zip2020-04-01 01:43 672K
ThePronglemanJob.zip2020-04-09 00:51 1.3M

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