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This directory contains files relating to Aaron Reed's
2021 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

# 2021readme.txt

Information about the competition.

# SpringThing2021.zip

All of the entered games, available in one archive.

# ABlankPage.zip
tuid: z4tu46yco3bo2fp5

A Blank Page, by Edu Sánchez (Twine)

# AnAmicalBet.zip
tuid: 4i3nvysybkobrq5

An Amical Bet, by Eve Cabanié (Quest)

# AStrangeDream.zip
tuid: zx3a0dayh1ow9v0h

A strange dream, by Anaïs Tn (Quest)

# Baggage.zip
tuid: w9zu9wc6ltg2tqlp

Baggage, by Katherine Farmar (Inform/Glulx)

# BlueNovember.zip
tuid: mcrfum6lslvz977m

Blue November, by Lawrence Furnival (Twine)

# Budacanta-STSE-mac.zip
tuid: 9ffeaiuhsjtgzhia

Budacanta (for Mac OSX), by Alianora La Canta (Ren'Py)

# Budacanta-STSE-pc.zip
tuid: 9ffeaiuhsjtgzhia

Budacanta (for Windows), by Alianora La Canta (Ren'Py)

# CopperCanyon.zip
tuid: lelw04u7w2ohdjx

Copper Canyon, by Tony Pisculli (Ink)

# CyclesExcerpt.zip
tuid: qdgx6q23axxybqwf

Cycles (Excerpt), by Mike Marttila (Ink)

# Eleanor.zip
tuid: 4lbwojdld1g77r9l

Eleanor, by Rob (Windows)

# Excalibur.zip
tuid: ify2fa74spuft3kl

Excalibur, by J. J. Guest, G. C. Baccaris and Duncan Bowsman (Twine)

# EyewearCleaner2077Demo.zip
tuid: ivkexxxp1ekxhqro

Eyewear Cleaner 2077: Demo, by Naomi Norbez (Twine)

# FishAndDagger.zip
tuid: oyzb0cngd92t8fcz

Fish and Dagger, by grave snail games (Twine)

# HandOfGod.zip
tuid: c7b9qy248wmw6om5

Hand of God, by Dana Freitas (Twine)

# Heroes.zip
tuid: n44doao8v14lddjv

Heroes!, by Bellamy Briks (Quest)

# JourneyToUltimateFightdown_MAC.zip
tuid: 7u29f0fk5prohmkd

Journey to Ultimate Fightdown! (for Mac OSX), by Havilah "mwahahavilah" McGinnis (Ink)

# JourneyToUltimateFightdown_PC.zip
tuid: 7u29f0fk5prohmkd

Journey to Ultimate Fightdown! (for Windows), by Havilah "mwahahavilah" McGinnis (Ink)

# LadyThalia.zip
tuid: cki41owvqtib9jhy

Lady Thalia and the Seraskier Sapphires, by E. Joyce and N. Cormier (Twine)

# ManikinDemo.zip
tuid: tn9lemz1fl8ftq28

Manikin Demo, by Rose Behar (Twine)

# MeanMotherTrucker.zip
tuid: omvvydr09hf23hkh

Mean Mother Trucker, by Bitter Karella (Inform/Glulx)

# MediumVelotic.zip
tuid: xi0homvdtvtns976

Medicum Veloctic, by Lawrence M Marable (Twine)

# MissNoName.zip
tuid: 8b5aolcskw2gopen

Miss No-Name, by Bellamy Briks (Twine)

# MistyHills.zip
tuid: 1own7ml87pz7imgc

Misty Hills, by Giuliano Roverato Martins Pereira (Twine)

# NedNelson.zip
tuid: 2kptgsbogb3ay1b6

Ned Nelson Really Needs a Job, by Eric Crepeau (Twine)

# Perihelion.zip
tuid: 5ggssf146he2lshw

Perihelion, by Tim White (Twine)

# PictonMurderWhodunnit.zip
tuid: eo2mi8tu655lynbo

Picton Murder Whodunnit, by Sia See (Strand)

# ProjectArcmor.zip
tuid: 3o9f4xpecxlaj6h

Project Arcmör, by Donald Conrad and Peter M.J. Gross (as Bitterly Indifferent Studios) (Twine)

# Pygmalion.zip
tuid: 9acju32vmuzbvzgx

[PYG]MALION*, by C.J. (Twine)

# Queenlash.zip
tuid: m35wz2sb26ero5bh

Queenlash, by Kaemi Velatet (Twine)

# SoIWasShort.zip
tuid: tpxys0qv1iho5m9m

So I Was Short Of Cash And Took On A Quest, by Anssi Raisanen (Inform/Glulx)

# SomeSpace.zip
tuid: 6r0c0dsvfyufwgjk

Some Space, by rittermi (Twine)

# SovereignCitizens.zip
tuid: f9h4b2uf4mtmbm6z

Sovereign Citizens, by Laura Paul and Max Woodring (Twine)

# SpaceDiner.zip
tuid: kp9jemvjt5jha42g

Space Diner, by Marta and Alexej (Python)

# SunnysSummerVacation.zip
tuid: hhyk0hnkrt48ybwn

Sunny's Summer Vacation, by Lucas C. Wheeler (Twine)

# TakeTheDogOut.zip
tuid: 8cfrh2p2imthsgss

Take the Dog Out, by Ell (Inform/Z)

# TheatreOfSpud.zip
tuid: mhzuvhpi2ulkuj3u

Theatre of Spud, by D E Haynes (Python)

# TheSecretOfNara.zip
tuid: p87sisw47m0enti8

The Secret of Nara, by Ralfe Rich (Twine)

# TheWeightOfASoul.zip
tuid: xsc77fvvd4oz76oz

The Weight of a Soul, by Chin Kee Yong (Inform/Glulx)

# ThoseDays.zip
tuid: r4e3vmp4gogi1e0

Those Days, by George Larkwright (Twine)

# Wintervale.zip
tuid: g6u45xu7enltw8gl

Wintervale, by Ethan Erh (Twine)
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Baggage.zip2021-04-21 00:53 264K
BlueNovember.zip2021-03-31 00:27 76K
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CyclesExcerpt.zip2021-03-31 00:47 46K
Eleanor.zip2021-05-29 18:03 161M
Excalibur.zip2021-03-30 19:46 72M
EyewearCleaner2077Demo.zip2021-03-31 21:17 200M
FishAndDagger.zip2021-04-10 17:30 533K
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LadyThalia.zip2021-04-13 18:06 607K
ManikinDemo.zip2021-03-31 02:37 33M
MeanMotherTrucker.zip2021-03-30 18:37 1.3M
MediumVelotic.zip2021-04-01 20:15 398K
MissNoName.zip2021-03-30 18:52 258K
MistyHills.zip2021-03-30 18:57 262K
NedNelson.zip2021-03-30 19:00 119K
Perihelion.zip2021-03-30 19:07 693K
PictonMurderWhodunnit.zip2021-03-31 21:22 910K
ProjectArcmor.zip2021-03-30 19:18 178M
Pygmalion.zip2021-03-30 19:24 480K
Queenlash.zip2021-03-30 19:27 649K
SoIWasShort.zip2021-03-31 02:40 258K
SomeSpace.zip2021-03-30 19:39 447K
SovereignCitizens.zip2021-05-29 17:38 324K
SpaceDiner.zip2021-03-31 16:46 88K
SpringThing2021.zip2021-08-18 20:25 1.0G
SunnysSummerVacation.zip2021-03-31 00:04 1.3M
TakeTheDogOut.zip2021-04-05 07:04 701K
TheatreOfSpud.zip2021-03-31 02:59 353K
TheSecretOfNara.zip2021-03-30 19:33 646K
TheWeightOfASoul.zip2021-04-11 16:37 2.7M
ThoseDays.zip2021-03-31 00:14 586K
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