Index                    this file      Beached! (Prelude) V3.0,
                         by Theodore C. Lim and Ewald Bal.           Devil's Food, by Hanon Ondricek.
                         3rd place Ectocomp 2014. Let's Explore Geography! Canadian Commodities Trader
                         Simulation Exercise, Release 1.1, by Carter Sande.
                         (The original competition entry is in
                           games/competition2018/Lets Explore Geography Canadian Commodities Trader Simulation Exercise/)       Love Unexplored, by Snoother. Part of RuinJam.       The CryptoGame, by Manan Singh.             The Castle of Vourtram, version 0.94,
                         by Alexandre Torres.
                         Converted from Quest to Javascript.
                         (The original competition entry is in
                           games/competition2017/The Castle of Vourtram/)           Portcullis, by Robin Johnson.           You're Gone, version 0.2, by Madison Scott-Clary.
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