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This directory contains games created with the Ink system.
They can be played in a (Javascript-capable) web browser.

(A few more Ink games can also be found in

# Choose_Your_Own.zip
tuid: mccdmxsfae5qclea

Choose your own end to the viking world,
by Declan Taggart.

# ConversationsWithDeletedNPCs.zip
tuid: p4a493ytmxk6l78w

Conversations With Deleted NPCs, version 2, by Josh Labelle.

# Intersigne.zip
tuid: i7pt5r2cm5v8eel

Intersigne, version 1.0.1, by manonamora.
[file is linked from </if-archive/games/ink/french/>Intersigne.zip]

# KitchenTable.zip
tuid: tyuh24bze4n3o4tp

Kitchen Table, by Gurpegui.

# Minor_Fall_Major_Lift.zip
tuid: oustv01dqedkw8nf
ifwiki: minor fall MAJOR LIFT

minor fall MAJOR LIFT, version 1.2,
by Lady Isak Grozny.

# Naughty_Neural_Net.zip
tuid: avz12jfr9wl0fb4e

The Naughty Neural Net, by Julius Tarng.

# Sentry.zip
tuid: nmhq7ok8qtuo8ya4

Sentry, version 2, by Josh Labelle.

# In the Blink of an Eye.zip
tuid: fl293uxg3agev90k

In the Blink of an Eye, by manonamora

# I don't want to talk about it.zip
tuid: oysoh0mrzanlxtby

I don't want to talk about it., by Nick Gelling. Made for Dialogue Jam 2024. Freeware.

# dialogue_zip.zip
tuid: pi2flgnvwz44wxut

Marooned, by DigNZ. Made for Dialogue Jam 2024. Freeware.

# A Woman's Duty.zip
tuid: q9c9m5tkw3n3o3ox

A Woman's Duty, by psiquedelicous. Made for Dialogue Jam 2024. Freeware.

# Him (and Us).zip
tuid: vtjqvg7khg4rvrid

Him (and Us), by alyshkalia. Made for Dialogue Jam 2024. Freeware.

# demon-hatching.zip
tuid: 4n9awhu22o8caou1

Demon Hatching, by Mxelm.
[file is linked to </if-archive/games/html/>demon-hatching.zip]

# Kobold_Crawl.zip
tuid: u3czphf1oijraetz

Kobold Crawl, by Aaron Steed.
[file is linked to </if-archive/games/html/>Kobold_Crawl.zip]

# ptmylm.zip
tuid: 6914cp5tz75v5dyk

Please tell me you love me, version 1.3, by Ellis Dex.
[file is linked to </if-archive/games/html/>ptmylm.zip]
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dialogue_zip.zip2024-05-10 19:08 48K
demon-hatching.zip2023-08-21 05:18 45K
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