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The following are entries to Adam Cadre's 1998 "Chicken Competition",
based on jokes about a chicken crossing the road.

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The original 19 entries in the "Chicken Competition".
The included games are:

- Chicken and Egg by Adam Thornton
- Saied by Robb Sherwin
- Are You Too Chicken to Make a Deal? by Mitchell Taylor
- The Story of Morris the Chicken Being Helped by a
- Squirrel, by Mikko Vuorinen
- The one about the chicken, the lion and the monkey?
by Sam Barlow
- Learning to Cross by Mark Musante
- Behavior by William Shlaer
- Orpington by William Shlaer
- Unity by Greg Ewing
- Sisychickenphus by Lelah Conrad
- The Chicken's Dilemma by Jason Dyer
- The X Chicken by David Cornelson
- Hey, I'm Supposed to Be Free Range by Opal O'Donnell
- Chicken! by Gunther Schmidl
- Chickens of Distinction by Liza Daly
- Pollo y Camino by Jay Goemmer
- The Chicken Under the Window by Lucian Smith
- The Lesson of the Chicken by Rob Noyes
- The Landing by Neil K. Guy

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ifwiki: The_Chicken_Under_the_Window
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The Chicken Under the Window by Lucian Smith
Release 2 / Serial number 980728

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Source code for The Chicken Under the Window

# landing.zip
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The Landing, version 1.2, October 13, 1998
This is an update to Neil K. Guy's Chicken Comp game

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Learning to Cross, release 2, by Mark J. Musante.

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