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This directory contains entries to Emily Short's 2001 Walkthrough Competition,
for which games and transcripts were submitted, all of which had to
follow the competition's stated walkthough.

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Archive of all the entries to Emily Short's
Walkthrough Competition:

- Games:
    - Constraints, by Stephen Granade. [hold.gam]
    - Dreams Run Solid, by Caleb Wilson. [dreams.z5, nightmar.gif]
    - Jigsaw 2, by Adam Cadre. [jigsaw2.z5]
    - Fit for a Queen, by Margia McPolti. [fit.z5]
    - Twilight in the Garden of Exile, by Alan Stanley Long [Alexander Spiridonov]. [exile.z5]
    - A Walk Through Forever, by Duncan Cross. [wtf.z5]
- Transcripts:
    - Time Bastard, by Matt Francisfordcapollasdracula [Matt Fendahleen]. [time.txt, bastardf.jpg]
    - Persistance de la Vision, by J. Robinson Wheeler. [persista.txt]
    - Lighan ses Lion, by Andrew Plotkin. [lighan-s.txt]
    - A Venture, by Hyeronimus Quain [Denis Hirschfeldt]. [venture.txt]
    - Deus Ex Machina, by Gunther Schmidl. [wtc.txt]
    - Bollywood Hijinx, by Jamie Murray. [bollywoo.txt]
    - A Very Strange Day in the Life of a Maid, by Mel Brittingham. [transcrp.txt]

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