This directory contains MS-DOS adventures written by Paul Panks.


Index            this file           The Tiny BASIC 5K Adventure.        Dunric's 8K Adventure, version 1.15.     The Amulet of Vega, version 0.81.         Westfront to Apse II 1.01, a port of the Commodore 64 game
                 by the same name.        B-Venture, version 1.26.
                 Included is an MS-DOS executable and a disk image for
                 the C64/C128/Vic20.
                 [file is linked to games/c64/paul-panks/]       Chateu Le Mont, version 5.81.        Dark Forest 2 for UBASIC.      Dark Forest 1 and 2.     Fair Light Castle, version 1.04.      Ghost of the Fireflies.
                 (the original competition entry is in
                  games/competition2007/windows/firefly/)       The Golden French Fry, version 1.28.       Halite, version 1.20.       HLA Adventure, version 3.40.
                 (a Linux version is in games/linux/hlaadvlx.tar.gz)     The Magic Flute, version 1.30.        Ninja version 1.32.
                 (the original competition entry is in
                  games/competition2004/windows/ninja/ninja.exe)         Space War!...and the PDP-1, Version 1.03B.     The Quest for Waitomo Cave, version 1.12.       Red Tag Clearance, version 1.50d.
                 Rated PG-13 by the author.       Silver Gauntlet, alpha version 0.65      One Smurfy Day, version 1.01.        Mini-Westfront, version 1.01.       The Quest for Apse 1.01, a port of the Commodore 128 game
                 by the same name.         Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder, version 20.00.
                 A text role-playing game.

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