This directory contains games written with The Quill
and a Macintosh interpreter that can play these games.

The games have been extracted from the C64 disk images
in the mario-moeller directory by Pierre Tremblay.

# DraculaII-1.cbm
tuid: cvky42c824ligzf9

Dracula II - Part 1, by Mario Moeller

# DraculaII-2.cbm
tuid: cvky42c824ligzf9

Dracula II - Part 2, by Mario Moeller

# EscapeToFreedom.cbm
tuid: u2rz04iqqtesqewr

Escape to Freedom, by Mario Moeller

# MyHouse.cbm
tuid: cr3mq2yitfz43ihp

My House, by Mario Moeller

# Stowaway.cbm
tuid: h1yfw6yhvhdvwowd

Stowaway!, by Mario Moeller

# quill.txt

a list of the 49 known games written with The Quill
by Pierre Tremblay
(Caution: 175 columns wide)

tuid: 64xnqlisx8r0wrl3

The Ticket, an example WinPaw game by
Douglas Harter.
(an interpreter is in programming/quill/)

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