Index                  this file     A collection of games written in BASIC for the TRS-80
                       Model 100:
                         Galaxy Trek Adventure, by Howard Batie -
                       a Star Trek Classic adventure.
                         Crash - you play a survivor of a plane crash.
                         Haunted House, by Barry Gaskins.
                         House Adventure - a treasure hunt in a
                       monster-infested house.
                         The Nuclear Submarine Adventure, by Steven Neighorn.
                         Teeny Tiny Text Adventure, by Tim Ekdom - you're
                       searching for a million dollars in an old house.       A collection of Greg Hassett's games for the TRS-80
                       Model 1:
                         Devil's Palace
                         Enchanted Island
                         Enchanted Island Plus
                         House of the Seven Gables
                         World's Edge
                       The first part of Joel Mick's Odyssey trilogy.
                       The second part of Joel Mick's Odyssey trilogy.
                       The third part of Joel Mick's Odyssey trilogy.

SA-Copyright.txt       Copyright notice from Scott Adams, dated 24nov97
                       [file is linked to emulators/trs80/SA-Copyright.txt,
                        games/spectrum/SA-Copyright.txt, and
                        scott-adams/Copyright.txt]             Dungeons of Daggorath, a graphical RPG for the TRS-80
                       Color Computer by Douglas J. Morgan.           Dr. Livingston Adventure for the TRS-80 Model 1,
                       by R.B. Fullerton (1980).            Three TRS-80 text adventures by Anthony J. Wood:
                         Germany 1942
                         Ruins at Time's Edge
                         Space Hunt           Medieval Adventure for the TRS-80 Model 1,
                       by Hugh Lampert (1980).    Pyramid 2000 by Robert Arnstein, for the TRS-80 Color
                       Computer.     Pyramid 2000 by Robert Arnstein, for the TRS-80 Model 1.           Quest for Fire, by Anthony J. Wood. A text adventure
                       for the TRS-80, with source code and walkthrough.

treasure4.txt          Treasure Dungeon 2, by David E. White.
                       BASIC source code.                TRS-80 Adventure Game Pack for MS-DOS, compiled by
                       Gunther Schmidl. Contains TRSF-80 revision 0.1, a TRS-80
                       Model I emulator for DOS by Ron Fries, some walkthroughs,
                       and the following games:
                          Pirate Adventure
                          Mission Impossible
                          Voodoo Castle
                          The Count
                          Strange Odyssey
                          Mystery Fun House
                          Pyramid of Doom
                          Ghost Town
                          Savage Island Parts 1 and 2
                          The Golden Voyage
                          Adventure 13
                          White Palm
                          Martec's Tomb
                          Lost Island
                          The House of the Seven Gables
                          Gargoyle Castle
                          Ice World War
                          Time Adventure
                          Crowley Manor
                          Escape from Traan
                          Lucifer's Realm
                          Saigon: The Final Days
                          Enchanted Island Plus
                          The Domes of Kilgari
                          Devil's Palace
                          World's Edge
                          Death Dreadnought
                        [file is linked to emulators/trs80/]

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