# AllRoadsR.z5
tuid: 4s7uohdncurgqb0h

Jon Ingold's "All Roads", translated into Russian (with
Jon's permission) by Vsevolod Zoubarev.

# SpiderAndWeb.zip
tuid: 2xyccw3pe0uovfad

Andrew Plotkin's "Spider and Web", translated into
Russian (with Andrew's permission) by Vsevolod Zoubarev.
Release 4 / Serial number 091122

# bluechairsR.zip
tuid: uva1vc6ico5u65zg

Chris Klimas's "Blue Chairs", translated into Russian
(with Chris's permission) by Vyacheslav Dobranov.
Release 2 / Serial number 111222.
Archive includes the game file and a solution.

# metamorpR.zip

Emily Short's Metamorphoses, translated into Russian by
Vsevolod Zoubarev.
Archive includes the game file, a short manual and a

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