This directory contains Inform source code examples.
Compiled versions are here (files `*.z?`) or in directory [games/zcode](../../../../games/zcode/).

# AScenicView.inf

A Scenic View release 2, by Richard Barnett.
A demonstration of object-less scenery descriptions, or
how to manufacture non-objects that respond to the
'examine' verb.  (See
for includable headers created from release 1 of this
example by Joe Mason)

# Examples_note.txt

A note by Graham Nelson on his Inform demonstration games

# Museum.inf

Museum of Inform, An Interactive Companion to
The Inform Designer's Manual, by Graham Nelson

# Museum.z5

Museum of Inform, An Interactive Companion to
The Inform Designer's Manual, by Graham Nelson
Release 1 / Serial number 951220

# Museum6.inf

Museum of Inform (see above), modified for Inform v6
by Anson Turner. Functionally identical to Graham's
original, complete with bugs and all. :-)

# Toyshop.inf

Toyshop, An Interactive Demonstration by Graham Nelson

# Toyshop.z5

Toyshop, An Interactive Demonstration by Graham Nelson
Release 3 / Serial number 951221

# a-good-ear.inf

A Good Ear, by Sam Hulick and Gareth Rees.
A Sony Discman and some CDs to play on it.

# a_nasal_twinge.inf

A Nasal Twinge: An Interactive Aroma release 1,
by Graham Nelson.
A short demonstration of "add-to-scope".

# alice3.inf

Alice Through the Looking Glass version 3, by Gareth Rees.
The first room of a game based on the Lewis Carroll book.
(see infocom/compilers/inform5/manuals/tutor2.txt on where
to find the Inform Tutorial Part I that describes the
creation of this game.)

# arrays.inf

A tiny game to test the array facilities introduced by
Inform 5.5, by Graham Nelson.

# bazaar.inf

Bazaar, by Sam Hulick and Gareth Rees.
A simple way to implement money and commerce.

# cafe.inf

Cafe Inform, or Informa Cola: An Additive-Free 
Interactive Example, by Graham Nelson.
A drinks machine demonstrating the 'parse_name' routine.

# carousel.inf

Carousel: An Interactive Snippet from Zork II by 
Dave Lebling and Marc Blank (1981).
The Carousel Room from Zork II, by Graham Nelson:
how to stop an event by setting a routine to NULL.

# compass-rose.inf

Compass Rose, by Joachim Baumann and Gareth Rees.
Puts a compass rose on the status line, showing the exits
from a room.

# follow.inf

Follow My Leader, by Gareth Rees.
A roadrunner sprints round the map and can be followed by
the player.


form.h release 5, a Bureaucracy-style form
by Torbjoern Andersson, with documentation and an example
using the form (Inform source code and compiled game).

# frobozzica.inf

Encyclopedia Frobozzica, by Gareth Rees.
How to parse conversation and consultation.

# goldskull.inf

Mike Roberts' TADS example goldskul.t (contained in the
TADS package) ported to Inform by John Holder
and Gareth Rees.
For TADS users who want to learn Inform.

# hellow.inf

A non-interactive demonstration by Graham Nelson.

# hellow.z3

A compiled version of hellow.inf.

# insulted.inf

Shakespearean Insult Generator v1.0, by Tim Middleton.

# list-property.inf

List Property, by Graham Nelson.
A demonstration of the powerful list-generation
capabilities of Inform.

# listless.inf

Listless, a Useless Utility for Programmers,
by Robert M. Dickau.
An interactive demonstration of the effects of the style
bits inside the WriteListFrom function.

# listless.z5

Listless, a Useless Utility for Programmers,
by Robert M. Dickau. Release 1, serial number 950914.
Type HELP for instructions.

# looking.inf

Through the Looking Glass, An Interactive Tutorial
by Gareth Rees and Doug Atkinson.
(this is the game file that accompanies the tutorial

# looking.z5

Through the Looking Glass, An Interactive Tutorial
by Gareth Rees and Doug Atkinson.
Release 1 / Serial number 951029.

# macZeX_GoldSkulX.inf

An example of an Inform game which uses the styled text
facilities of the Macintosh ZeX interpreter, by Greg Ewing.
(see infocom/interpreters/old/zip/macZeX\*)

# maze.inf

An example of implementing a maze using only a single
room, by Steven Howard.

# padlock.inf

Padlock: An Interactive Locked-Box Mystery, by Gareth Rees
(after an idea of Scott Harvey's).
How to make a verb choose a default object when appropriate.

# robots.inf

Robots: Another Abuse of the Z-Machine.
A Nostalgic Diversion by Torbjoern Andersson.
Release 5 / Serial number 951120

# shell.inf

Interactive skeleton, by Graham Nelson.

# shell.z3

A compiled version of shell.inf.

# testdiv.inf

Division tester, release 1, by Andrew Plotkin
Tests the multiplication, division, and modulo
operations on the Z-machine. All these operations are
supposed to be signed (contrary to the Z-Machine
Specification 0.2).

# testdiv.z5

A compiled version of testdiv.inf.

# thief.inf

The Thief, by Gareth Rees.
A thief who wanders round the map, opens locked doors, 
and responds to changing entrances and exits.
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