This directory contains the Adaptive Hints library by Mike Phillips,
release 0.92a (25mar96) plus one bug fix (17apr96).

# AdHints.h

the library module

# NewMenu.h

a replacement for Inform's default menu code.
Not part of the AdHints library, but used by it.
[file is linked to

# adhints.txt


# ah_bal.h

a demonstration set of hints for Graham Nelson's game
Balances, release 3

# ah_balances.dif

changes made to Balances.inf for the adaptive hints

# ah_balances.inf

modified source code of Balances release 3 with adaptive hints
and fixed parser

# ah_balances.z5

Infocom game file of Balances release 3 with adaptive hints
and fixed parser

# bal_parser_fix.pat

a fix for the parser in Balances, applied to both
ah_balances.inf and ah_balances.z5

# history.txt

revision history of AdHints.h
NameLast modifiedSize

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AdHints.h1996-03-26 05:00 15K
adhints.txt1996-03-25 05:00 6.6K
ah_bal.h1996-04-17 04:00 9.8K
ah_balances.dif1996-03-25 05:00 808
ah_balances.inf1996-04-17 04:00 74K
ah_balances.z51996-04-17 04:00 72K
bal_parser_fix.pat1996-04-17 04:00 1.9K
history.txt1996-03-26 05:00 1.0K
Index2024-05-28 20:46 895
NewMenu.h1996-01-31 05:00 4.3K

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