This directory contains the C source code of the Inform 5 compiler.
The current release number can be found in file header.h

# old

Older versions of the source code in this directory.

# asm.c

the Inform assembler

# express.c

the expression evaluator

# files.c

file handling, memory, command-line memory settings, and
fatal errors

# header.h

common definitions

# inform.c

top level of Inform: main, switches, top level parser

# inputs.c

input routines, preprocessor, non-fatal errors

# symbols.c

the symbols table

# tables.c

maintains tables of variables and constructs the tables
part of the story file

# zcode.c

Z-opcodes, text translation and abbreviation routines
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inform.c1995-07-05 04:00 65K
inputs.c1995-07-05 04:00 20K
symbols.c1995-07-05 04:00 13K
tables.c1995-07-05 04:00 55K
zcode.c1995-07-05 04:00 36K

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