This directory contains the C source code of the Inform compiler.
            The current release number can be found in file header.h


Index          this file

asm.c          the Inform assembler

express.c      the expression evaluator

files.c        file handling, memory, command-line memory settings, and
               fatal errors

header.h       common definitions

inform.c       top level of Inform: main, switches, top level parser

inputs.c       input routines, preprocessor, non-fatal errors

symbols.c      the symbols table

tables.c       maintains tables of variables and constructs the tables
               part of the story file

zcode.c        Z-opcodes, text translation and abbreviation routines

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asm.c1995-07-05 04:00 38K
express.c1995-07-05 04:00 46K
files.c1995-07-05 04:00 39K
header.h1995-07-05 04:00 52K
Index1995-07-18 04:00 813
inform.c1995-07-05 04:00 65K
inputs.c1995-07-05 04:00 20K
symbols.c1995-07-05 04:00 13K
tables.c1995-07-05 04:00 55K
zcode.c1995-07-05 04:00 36K

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