Index                    this file         Achievements version 1, by Mikael Segercrantz.
                         Provides a table-based way of assigning scores to
                         actions, rooms and objects.         Atmospheric Effects version 4, by Mikael Segercrantz.

Currency.i7x             Currency, version 2/121101, by Zorkfire Games.
                         An extension providing a system for implementing
                         currency, including values for coins and bills.            Planner version 1, by Nate Cull. An extension for
                         creating NPCs that, given a goal, perform actions to
                         achieve the goal.           Multiple Exits version 1, by Mikael Segercrantz.
                         Allows the creation of exits with multiple possible
                         destinations.               Reactable Quips version 2, by Michael Martin. A
                         table-based approach to NPC conversation chains, as
                         well as allowing rules to fire on lines of
                         conversation.            Scheduled Activities version 2, by John Clemens. An
                         extension that allows activities to be scheduled at
                         absolute and relative times.        Shipboard Directions version 1, by Mikael Segercrantz.

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