This directory contains the MCGA graphics files released as part of Infocom's
V6 games, which were left out of from some released. To quote Graeme Cree:

"The IBM version of JOURNEY supplied both 5.25" and 3.5" diskettes.
Unfortunately, the VGA version of the game was only on the 3.5" disks.
Thus many copies of JOURNEY found in used software stores are missing the
VGA version of the game, because the previous owner kept the 3.5" disks
when he sold it. JOURNEY owners who don't have the VGA version need only
insert the enclosed journey.mg1 file in a directory with journey.exe and, and type JOURNEY /DM to start the game."

# arthur.mg1

The MCGA graphics file for Arthur.

# beyondzo.mg1

The Beyond Zork title picture from the Atari ST release,
converted to MG1 (MCGA) format by Stefan Jokisch.

# journey.mg1

The MCGA graphics file for Journey.

# shogun.mg1

The MCGA graphics file for Shogun.

# zorkzero.mg1

The MCGA graphics file for Zork Zero, which was left out
of the Lost Treasures of Infocom I package.
Use it as mentioned above.
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