This directory contains files related to IFP by Simon Baldwin, a
plugin scheme aimed at allowing a single interpreter to play
games in many different interactive fiction formats.

# ifp-1.4-1.i386.rpm

RPM archive of Linux x86 binaries for RPM-based

# ifp-1.4-1.src.rpm

RPM archive of the source code.

# ifp-1.4-core.tgz

The "unencumbered" portion of IFP. Core IFP
sources, without any of the supporting
third-party code used in Glk or interpreter
plugins. All GPL licensed.

# ifp-1.4-linux.cpio.gz

Binary build of full IFP, for use on systems not
based on RPM package management. Extracted from

# ifp-1.4-resources.tgz

The "rest" of IFP. All third-party source
packages and example games. Has varying

# ifp-1.4.tgz

Full source distribution of both IFP and related
plugins: Xglk, Glkterm, Cheapglk, Gargoyle,
Gtkglk; and interpreters for Z-machine (Frotz
and Nitfol), Tads2 and Tads3, Hugo, Alan2 and
Alan3, Glulx (Glulx and Git), AGT, AdvSys,
Level9, Magnetic Scrolls, Adrift, and Quest.
Includes Gamebox application for reading IFMES
RDF+XML and iFiction (Treaty of Babel) catalogs.
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ifp-1.4-1.i386.rpm2007-08-28 14:52 3.7M
ifp-1.4-linux.cpio.gz2007-08-28 15:01 3.7M
ifp-1.4-core.tgz2007-08-28 14:59 298K
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