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# AdvSysMac.sit.hqx

AdvSys v1.2 for the Macintosh (68k and PPC)
by William Bryant

# AdvSysMac.txt

Notes on AdvSys v1.2 for the Macintosh,
by William Bryant

# NewParser.tar.gz

An improved parser for the ANSI version of AdvSys 1.2.
C source code by Boris J. H. Boesler.
use this file together with advsys.ansi.tar.Z

# advsydos.zip

DOS executables of the AdvSys version 1.2 compiler and
interpreter, the source modules that had to be changed,
and an accompanying description; by Volker Blasius

# advsys-glkterm-0.1-linux86-libc6.tgz

Linux x86 executables of the AdvSys 1.2 interpreter.
Glk build 0.1, by Michael Chen.

# advsys-winglk-20011221.zip

Windows Glk executables of the AdvSys 1.2
interpreter. Glk build 21/12/2001, by Michael Chen.

# advsys-winglk-20011221-src.zip

Source code for the Windows Glk port of the AdvSys
1.2 interpreter, written by Michael Chen.

# advsys.ansi.tar.Z

ANSI-fied version of advsys.tar.Z, i.e.
AdvSys version 1.2 ported to ANSI C by Matt Ackeret

# advsys.lha

Amiga executables of the AdvSys version 1.2 compiler
and interpreter, by Dave Betz

# advsys.tar.Z

AdvSys source code version 1.2 by David Betz with
additions for smart articles by Bill Randle

# advsys.zip

[same contents]

# advsys_manual.zip

Manual for AdvSys and TADS, a set of routines based
on AdvSys. Also includes a sample game, Quest.
Written by Roger Plowman.
Note that this is unrelated to Mike Roberts' TADS
or Alex Warren's Quest authoring systems.

# error-msgs.txt

An explanation of AdvSys error messages
by Jon Drukman

# glkize-advsys.patch-0.1.gz

Source code diffs for the Glk port of the
AdvSys 1.2 interpreter, by Michael Chen.

# standard.adi.Z

Object oriented runtime package version 2.0
by Brian Preble (AdvSys source code)

# standard.zip

[same contents]
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advsys.ansi.tar.Z1993-10-11 04:00 67K
advsys-winglk-20011221.zip2001-12-21 18:34 192K
advsys-winglk-20011221-src.zip2001-12-21 18:37 445K
advsys-glkterm-0.1-linux86-libc6.tgz2000-03-27 05:00 46K
advsydos.zip1993-04-05 04:00 38K

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