This directory contains files relating to Iain Merrick's Git,
               a Glulx interpreter that is optimized for speed.


Index                        this file               MS-DOS binaries of Git 1.0.4, ported by
                             Sebastian Wallmann.                  The source code for Git 1.3.5, by Iain Merrick.    Windows console mode binary of Git 1.3.5,
                             compiled with PDCurses by Wyatt Ward.

                             Source code for the Windows console build
                             of Git 1.3.5.                 PocketPC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 binary
                             of Git 1.0.3, built by Stark Springs. Archive
                             includes PocketPC 2002 StrongArm executable.               Windows binary of Git 1.3.5, using Windows Glk
                             1.48, ported by Brian Kelley and David Kinder.           Windows specific source code for the Windows
                             port of Git 1.3.5.

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git-135.zip2016-12-02 13:27 529K
Index2018-03-05 10:16 1.2K
pgit-103.zip2004-02-01 06:15 125K
wingit-135.zip2018-03-05 10:12 713K
wingit-src-135.zip2018-03-05 10:12 77K

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