This directory contains files relating to Andrew Plotkin's Glulxe,
an interpreter for the Glulx Virtual Machine.

# Glulxe-034.hqx

Macintosh executable of the Glulxe interpreter,
version 0.3.4, by Andrew Plotkin.


Windows version of the Glulxe 0.6.0 interpreter
using Windows Glk 1.53, ported by David Kinder.


Windows specific source code for Windows Glulxe
0.6.0 (using Windows Glk 1.53),
ported by David Kinder.

# WinGlulxeInstaller.exe

Windows version of the Glulxe 0.6.0 interpreter
using Windows Glk 1.53, packaged as an executable


32-bit MS-DOS binaries of Glulxe 0.3.4, built
with GlkDOS 0.19.1 by L. Ross Raszewski.
Includes text only and graphical versions.

# glulxe-035-linux.tar.gz

Glulxe 0.3.5 binaries for Linux for console
and X-Windows.

# glulxe-035-osx.gz

Glulxe 0.3.5 binary for Mac OS X, built by
Brian Slesinsky using Cheap Glk. This is a
text based application that can only be run
from the command line.

# glulxe-035-solaris8.tar.gz

Glulxe 0.3.5 binary for Solaris 8, built by
Mark Musante. The binary was created with xglk
and includes with a statically
linked libjpg v6b.


Glulxe 0.4.0 for the Archos PMA430, built with
GlkTerm by Nexami Engeo.

# glulxe-050-amiga.lha

Glulxe 0.5.0 for the Amiga, built by David Kinder.

# glulxe-060.tar.gz

C source code for the Glulxe interpreter,
version 0.6.0, by Andrew Plotkin.


Pocket Glulxe 0.5, a PocketPC 2002 and Windows
Mobile 2003 version of Glulxe 0.3.5, built by
Stark Springs. Archive includes PocketPC 2002
StrongArm executable.
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