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This directory contains library extensions for various purposes
contributed by members of the IF community

# Smrtdesk.h

Smart Desk Object v2.0, by Jason Peter Brown.
A desk object designed to deal intelligently with
user interaction between a desk and it's drawers.

# automap.zip

Automapping routines for Hugo 2.5, dated 23apr2000.
Written by Cardinal Teulbachs.

# beta.h

A library extension to allow the player to make comments in
game transcripts. Version 2.8, written by Jon Blask, based on
code written by Mike Snyder and Bert Byfield.

# boxdraw.h

A routine for Hugo 2.4 to draw a coloured box containing
text on the screen, by Cardinal Teulbachs. Version 5,
dated 970818

# cango.h

A routine that provides exit descriptions for rooms,
written by Cardinal Teulbachs.

# container.zip

An implementation of a new SuperContainer class providing
objects that can be either or both of a container and a
platform. Version 1.01, originally written by Kent Tessman
and updated by Robb Sherwin.

# converse.zip

A library for implementing NPC conversation in the style
of "Pytho's Mask", with sophisticated topic threading,
written by Chris Tate.
Archive includes the library and a simple example program.

# copying.zip

Copying.h, a Hugo library extension to add the GNU General
Public License to a Hugo game. Version 1.3, by H. J. Hoke.

# mapgen.h

A collection of routines that allow the generation of
random maps, i.e. maps where the connections between
rooms are randomly assigned at runtime.
Written by Cardinal Teulbachs.

# menu.txt

A replacement Menu routine for hugolib.h v2.1,
hopefully more functional and useful than the original,
by Cardinal Teulbachs

# newmenu.h

A replacement for Hugo's menu system. It attempts to provide
better presentation across more types of interpreter, and
integrates a hint system for easier hint-bundling.
Version 3.4, by Jon Blask.

# extra.txt

ExtraWords, by Cardinal Teulbachs,
a user-added routine for hugolib.h v2.1 to parse for extraneous
words in room descriptions

# newlib01.hug

NewLib, by J. Nichols. A collection of new library routines
for the Hugo system and a test program, in one text file.

# phone.txt

A telephone class for Hugo 2.2 that allows the implementation
of any number of telephones in a game, by Cardinal Teulbachs

# printf.hug

A routine to print a formatted string, similar to C's printf(),
using parameters for numbers, object names, substrings, etc.
Written by Bert Byfield.

# ptalk.zip

A Hugo port of Adam Cadre's Inform "phototalk.inf" menu-based
conversation system, ported to Hugo by Robb Sherwin. Archive
includes ptalk.hug Hugo source, ptalk.hdx debugger file and
ptalk.hex story file.

# randmove.txt

A replacement routine for Hugo 2.1 that allows for random NPC
movement via character scripting, by Cardinal Teulbachs

# roodylib_suite.zip

The "Roodylib" Hugo library suite, version 4.2.1, by Jon Blask.
Roodylib is a compilation of Hugo library bug fixes and
additional features.

# simpletalk.zip

An updated version of Robb Sherwin's Hugo port of Adam Cadre's
"phototalk.inf" conversion system, modified to allow easier
inclusion into games. Version 2.4, by Jon Blask and
Robb Sherwin.

# sort.zip

A routine to sort an array in arbitrary ways by allowing
the programmer to supply the function used for comparing
elements of the array, written by Chris Tate.
Archive includes the library and a simple example program.

# spellsys.zip

A demonstration how to implement a Spellcaster-type spell
system in Hugo 2.2, by Cardinal Teulbachs.
Source code and compiled game file.

# strfnc.h

A set of additional string functions for Hugo 2.4+,
version 1.50, by Jason Peter Brown.

# strfnc.hug

Demo of strfnc.h

# useverbs.zip

UseVerbs v0.0.2 (7th April 1997), by Julian Arnold.
UseVerbs comprises two library extension files, useverbs.g and
useverbs.h, which add a number of permutations to some of the
standard Hugo verb definitions, as provided in grammar.g and
verbstubs.g. Simply, they allow the player to enter commands
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