# coretest.hug

A Hugo source file to test the core engine functions,
by Kent Tessman. Requires Hugo 2.5 or newer

# grtest.zip

A simple test for Hugo's graphics capabilities;
program file, resource file, and source code,
by Kent Tessman

# hugofiletyper.sit

A Mac application to set Hugo game files to the correct
file type so that the Mac Hugo interpreter can
recognize them as Hugo game files, by Al Staffieri Jr.

# if2pdb.zip

A Perl script that converts Z-code or Hugo game files
for use on their respective PalmOS interpreters, written
by Rick Reynolds, based on z2pdb.pl and hugo2pdb.pl.
[file is linked to infocom/tools/if2pdb.zip]

# iotest.exe

DOS executable to test the screen I/O functions of the
Hugo runtime engine, by Kent Tessman
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