# I7_6L38_FreeBSD.zip

Inform 7 compilers originally built by
Adam Thornton and packaged by Andy Kosela
for his Inform7 for FreeBSD port.

# I7_6M62_OSX.dmg

Inform 7 build 6M62 for Mac OS X.

# I7_6M62_Windows.exe

Inform 7 build 6M62 for Windows.

# Quixe-215.zip

Quixe 2.1.5 for Inform 7: unpack this archive
in the I7 template directory to update the
version of Quixe in Inform 7.

# NI_6M62_Win64.zip

The Natural Inform 6M62 command line compiler,
built as a 64-bit Windows console application.
Note that this cannot be used with the current
Inform 7 Windows front-end, and is intended
for compiling very large projects on the
command line.
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