NM Parser 5.02, un creador de aventuras conversacionales para los sistemas
 PC y compatibles (DOS). El autor ha descontinuado el proyecto en favor de
 otro de similares caractersiticas denominado Superglus.

 A Spanish development system for illustrated text adventures with sound,
 by Carlos Sanchez (NM Software). The author has discontinued this project
 because he has created a better replacement: Superglus (which is available
 in programming/superglus).

Index          this file
nmp502a.zip    main program and game interpreter

nmp502b.zip    manual and documentation

nmp502c.zip    demonstration games: McArra's Quest and Razas de la Cripta
               (Breed from the Crypt)

nmpfix12.zip   update for NMP 5.02, fixing a problem with SoundBlaster cards

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nmp502c.zip1997-08-11 04:00 742K
nmpfix12.zip1997-08-11 04:00 56K

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