# scott_adams_ti99_games.zip

Scott Adams adventures 1-12 in the TI99/4A
format. The archive includes:

- Adventureland
- Pirate Adventure
- Secret Mission
- Voodoo Castle
- The Count
- Strange Odyssey
- The Mystery Fun House
- Pyramid of Doom
- Ghost Town
- Savage Island Part I
- Savage Island Part II
- Golden Voyage

# home_brew_ti99_scottadams_games.zip

Amateur games written using Adventure
Editor and in the Scott Adams TI99/4A
format. The archive includes:

- The Great Advocado Adventure
- Matilda's Dilemma, by Bob Viering
- Escape from Cannibal Island, by Jims Soft
- Mystery of Captain Kidd, by Jims Soft
- Colossal Cave v4.0
- Colossal Cave - Masters Game
- Computorama, by Rusty
- Escape from Alcatraz, by Jon Green
- Gerry's Place
- Tomb of the Gray Elf, by John Stephens
- Knight Ironheart, by M. Weiand
- Moon Adventure
- Nessy
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