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These are the entries into Marnie Parker's (aka Doe aka FemaleDeer) Spring 1999 IF Art Show.

The complete information can be found at Marnie's IF Art Gallery:

8 Items [17-Jun-2003]
Crystal Ball, an exhibit in Alan, by Marian Taylor Serial 990407, Release 1.0 This entry earned the "Best of Show" award.
guidelines.txt [15-Jun-1999]
guidelines for participants
pillow10.gam [30-Apr-1999]
Pillow, Interactive Art by Chad Schultz Release 1.0 (this is the original entry the reviews refer to)
pillow11.gam [27-May-1999]
Pillow, Interactive Art by Chad Schultz Release 1.1 (bug-fixed version delivered after the competition)
reviews.txt [26-Feb-2000]
the judges' reviews of the competition entries
rules.txt [16-Jun-1999]
the rules of the competition
tpold.z5 [17-Apr-1999]
The Possibility of Life's Destruction, by Gunther Schmidl Release 1 / Serial number 990417
winners.txt [15-Jun-1999]
the categories and the winners