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SA-Copyright.txt [27-Nov-1997]
Copyright notice from Scott Adams, dated 24nov97 [file is linked to games/spectrum/SA-Copyright.txt, games/trs80/SA-Copyright.txt, and scott-adams/Copyright.txt] [27-Nov-1997]
TRS-80 Adventure Game Pack for MS-DOS, compiled by Gunther Schmidl. Contains TRSF-80 revision 0.1, a TRS-80 Model I emulator for DOS by Ron Fries, some walkthroughs, and the following games:
  Pirate Adventure
  Mission Impossible
  Voodoo Castle
  The Count
  Strange Odyssey
  Mystery Fun House
  Pyramid of Doom
  Ghost Town
  Savage Island Parts 1 and 2
  The Golden Voyage
  Adventure 13
  White Palm
  Martec's Tomb
  Lost Island
  The House of the Seven Gables
  Gargoyle Castle
  Ice World War
  Time Adventure
  Crowley Manor
  Escape from Traan
  Lucifer's Realm
  Saigon: The Final Days
  Enchanted Island
  The Domes of Kilgari
  Devil's Palace
  World's Edge
  Death Dreadnought
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