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Freiheit.t64 [19-Jan-2010]
Freiheit, a German text adventure, written by Bodo Mertins and originally published in 64'er magazine. Placed here with the author's permission. (a print-out of a walkthrough is in solutions/german/Freiheit-Loesung.pdf, and a map is in solutions/german/Freiheit-Karte.txt)
klhobbit [21-Dec-1996]
Der kleine Hobbit, by Michael Nickles. An illustrated German text adventure, first published in 64'er Sonderheft 4/86. Tokenized BASIC source code.
klhobbit.txt [21-Dec-1996]
A description of Der kleine Hobbit, requested by the author. [23-Feb-2004]
Punktum, by Oliver Moeller. [23-Feb-2004]
Tinvalley and Tinvalley 2, both by Oliver Moeller.
zauberland [27-Jan-1994]
Pacy-Face und seine Abenteuer in Zauberland. A simple German text adventure by Philipp Koehn, 1985. (a QBASIC port for DOS is in games/source/basic/german/