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Comp01.z5 [30-Sep-2001]
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IFWiki: CompXX

The 'front-end' game for the 2001 competition, providing information on all the games and systems used to run them, plus the ability to sort the games you can play into a random list. Written by Lucian Paul Smith. Release 1 / Serial number 010930 [30-Sep-2001]
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Resource files for several competition games, as well as the multimedia competition games, walkthroughs for those games, and the competition front-end "Comp01.z5". This file is over 23MB in size.

Comp01Multimedia_Mac.sit [05-Oct-2001]

The multimedia games and resource files from packaged for MacOS. [30-Sep-2001]
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All of the non-multimedia entries in this year's competition in one package, plus walkthroughs and the competition front-end "Comp01.z5". Unzip into a directory with the -d option to preserve the original subdirectory structure. This file is around 5.7MB in size.

Comp01Text_Mac.sit [05-Oct-2001]

The non-multimedia games from packaged for MacOS.

IFComp2001.exe [30-Sep-2001]

All the entries in this year's competition, plus walkthroughs and the competition front-end "Comp01.z5", in one Windows self extracting archive. This file is over 30MB in size.

MacInterpreters.sit.hqx [08-Oct-2001]

All the Mac interpreters needed to play the competition games.

readme.txt [30-Sep-2001]

Stephen Granade's note about this year's competition: read this to find out where to get more information.

results.txt [22-Feb-2002]

The results of the competition, posted by Stephen Granade

WinInterpreters.exe [30-Sep-2001]

All the Windows interpreters needed to play the competition games.