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pytho.z8 [23-Feb-2002]
Pytho's Mask, by Emily Short. Release 3 / Serial number 020223 [14-Feb-2001]
All the games entered into Emily Short's SmoochieComp 2001:
  1981 by A.D. McMlxxxi
  August by Matt Fendahleen
  Bantam by Eric Mayer
  Dead of Winter by Christina Pagniacci (Gunther Schmidl)
  Pytho's Mask by Emily Short
  Second Honeymoon by Roger Ostrander
  Sparrow's Song by J.D. Berry
  The Tale of the Kissing Bandit by Cary Valentino (J. Robinson Wheeler)
  Voices by Aris Katsaris
voices.z5 [05-May-2001]
Voices, an Interactive Romance, by Aris Katsaris. Release 2 / Serial number 010504