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6 Items [17-Aug-2017]
Chicago, by Olav Frijns & Otto Steinbusch. MS-DOS. [03-Jan-2001]
Dracula, a Dutch adventure by R van Woensel. Originally written for the Commodore PET circa 1980 and converted to MS-DOS by the author.
Egypte_A.exe [13-Mar-2011]
Avontuur in Egypte, by A.C. Lockhorst. A mouse controlled text adventure for Windows. (an English version is in games/pc/A_Egypt.exe)
Egypte_A.rtf [13-Mar-2011]
Notes on Avontuur in Egypte, by A.C. Lockhorst. [17-Mar-2000]
Farao release 2.6, a Dutch text adventure with music, programmed by Siembo and Elmo, music composed by Elmo/X-pression. [22-Dec-2011]
Querido, a Dutch AGT text adventure, written by Martin Schrijver. [file is linked to games/agt/dutch/]