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A_Chance_Encounter.html [21-Nov-2017]

A Chance Encounter, by EonArisen.

Birthday_Simulator_2.html [24-Oct-2019]
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Birthday Simulator 2, by Jon Prime.

Fable.html [06-May-2019]

Fable, by CuttlefishKitch. A poetic game inspired by the jabberwockey and all their friends.

hmmm.html [25-Feb-2018]
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Hello, My Friend, by humblepirate.

Inorganic_Life-Planet_Zesta_V.html [17-May-2019]

Inorganic Life - Planet Zesta V, by Vedek Bheemaiah.

Isoldas_Eyes.html [22-Feb-2019]

Isolda's Eyes, version 0.1 beta, by Cybermancer1927. A "censored" conversion of Shadowchaser, an AIF work originally in Inform 7.

Journal_of_Anatomy.html [10-Jan-2019]
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Journal of Anatomy, by Vedek Bheemaiah.

Longwalk.html [24-May-2017]

LongWalk, by ProtossProbe. (the playable game file is in games/twine/ [15-Jun-2019]
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Keep of the Mad Wizard, by Felix Plesoianu.

Paranoia_Solo_Mission.html [17-Jan-2019]

PARANOIA Solo Mission, by OddProphet. Based on the PARANOIA Solo Mission presented in the PARANOIA XP gamebook.

Pepe_and_the_balloon.html [09-Jan-2019]
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Pepe and the Balloon, by Vedek Bheemaiah.

savior_complex.html [12-Oct-2019]
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Savior Complex, by NoShortJokes.

Snark_Quest.tws [15-Jan-2019]
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Snark Quest, by Luke Roberts.

The_Collector.html [14-Apr-2019]
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The Collector, by Rev.

The_Last_of_US.html [11-Sep-2017]

The Last of Us, by Marlise.

The_Power_of_Fear.html [27-Nov-2017]

The Power of Fear, by JoelleM.

The_Scourge_of_Andromeda.html [11-Feb-2018]

The Scourge of Andromeda, by Nicholas Fuhrmann.

Tlaotl.html [03-Nov-2019]

Tlaotl, by The SurvivalVis.

tombs_of_earth_and_oak.html [21-Jul-2019]
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Tombs of Earth and Oak, by Tobias Paul.

Tuesday.html [17-May-2017]

Tuesday, by kenzitronic. [26-Jul-2021]
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Tweego source code for The Unwanted Hero, part 1: a single-player text-based RPG, or gamebook-like fairy tale with randomized elements, by Felix Plesoianu. Artistic License 2.0.

Valkyria.html [15-Jul-2018]

Valkyria - A Video Game Narrative Project, by Cherry.

Whats_Your_ESPS_Module_Name.html [23-Feb-2018]

What's Your ESPS Module Name?, by siskiyoucedar. BuzzFeed-style quiz composed solely of injokes from the author's university course.