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infact.c [07-Feb-1995]

C source code of a small utility to print out Inform debugging files, by Graham Nelson for use with Inform release 5.4 or later

infact.notes [07-Feb-1995]

description of the Inform debugging information format [27-Mar-1996]
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infoclues (see below) compiled for DOS by Bonni Mierzejewska. Source code, executable, and description.

infoclues.c [07-Feb-1995]

C source code of a small utility to convert UHS-format hint files to an Inform include file which runs an "Invisiclues"-style menu of hints, by Graham Nelson

infoclues.notes [07-Feb-1995]

description of the Infoclues utility

MPW_Infoclues.sit.bin [26-May-1995]

infoclues, ported to the Macintosh MPW by Robert Stone. Binary, source code, description, and a test file. Needs MPW or ToolServer to run.