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YAZI (Yet Another Z-Interpreter) by George Madrid and Sanjay Vakil is a V1-V3 Z-code interpreter for the Apple Newton. It is based an Mark Howell's ZIP and Graham Nelson's `The Specification of the Z-Machine, Standard 0.2'.

The shareware version present here ($25) is somewhat crippled: you can save your game at any time, but the games saved after more than 50 moves cannot be restored in the shareware version.

4 Files

readme.txt [19-Jul-1996]

detailed description of YAZI

register-1_0_1.sit.hqx [19-Jul-1996]

Newton Register 1.0.1; can be used to register YAZI

yazibeta.hqx [19-Jul-1996]

Macintosh package with YAZI Beta [19-Jul-1996]
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DOS package with YAZI Beta