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Zax, a portable Z-Machine interpreter, written in Java by Matt Kimmel. Supports V1-V5 and V7-V8 and is very nearly Z-Machine Specification 0.2 compliant.

3 Files [16-Jul-2009]

Pocket Zax 1.2, a port of Zax to C# by Adam Dawes. PocketZax will run on any Windows Mobile device (including smart-phones) running Windows Mobile 2003SE or later. It requires Microsoft .NET CF 2.0. [14-Sep-2008]
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Zax 0.91 by Matt Kimmel. Includes both Java source code and a jar file containing the compiled classes. Zax is a Java application, not an applet, so requires the Java Runtime Environment JRE 1.5 (or higher) to run. [17-Apr-2010]
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ZaxMidlet 0.1.5, by William H. Johnson, based on Zax by Matt Kimmel. ZaxMidlet is a port of Zax to J2ME Midlet for Blackberry (and other) devices supporting MIDP 2.0.