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dMagnetic_0.30.tar.bz2 [31-Jan-2021]

dMagnetic 0.30, a Magnetic Scrolls Interpreter, by Thomas Dettbarn. dMagnetic allows you to play classic adventures Like The Pawn or The Guild of Thieves in a terminal window, with the graphics rendered as ANSI art. Its website is at It is licensed under the BSD 2 clause license.

dMagnetic_aos4.lha [27-Mar-2021]

dMagnetic 0.30, ported to AmigaOS 4, by Eugene Sobolev.

dMagnetic_i386-aros.lha [27-Mar-2021]

dMagnetic 0.30, ported for AROS (i386-aros, ABIv0), by Eugene Sobolev.