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This directory contains games for the Acorn Archimedes.

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bunbro.ddc [14-Nov-1995]
The Bungle Brothers, written for the the BBC Micro and released into the public domain. Ported to the Archimedes in BBC BASIC 5 by J.J.Farmer. [14-Feb-2004]
Dragon Adventure, a simple text adventure for players aged 9 and over, by William Stott. (a Z-code version is in games/zcode/, and a Glulx version is in games/glulx/
dungeon.spk [11-Jun-1997]
Dungeon, the more or less public domain version of the original MIT Zork, version 2.7A, 11-Mar-91, ported to the Archimedes by Julian Arnold. (the original C source code is in games/source/ [04-Mar-2004]
Frankenstein Adventure. Originally published in the Cload TRS-80 magazine, October 1981 (author unknown), and converted to Inform by William Stott. (a Z-code version is in games/zcode/ [27-Oct-1995]
The Great Adventure, by Gordon Pickard [21-May-2005]
Kryten 98, by Robert Titman. Play as Kryten from Red Dwarf as he tries to find the missing crew.
ptt.spk [27-Oct-1997]
Prehistoric Time Trip, version 2.00, by David Lodge. A series of three text adventures.
schaos.arc [15-Dec-1995]
Spheres of Chaos, by Chris Grant (Spark archive) "another simple single-tasking Arc adventure of the old school. As such games go, this is quite good." [27-Oct-1995]
The Secret Garden, by The Sleeping Sphinx
world.spk [11-Jun-1997]
World version 1.07 by J. Doug McDonald, ported to the Archimedes and enhanced by Julian Arnold (a DOS version is in games/pc/; an Amiga version is in games/amiga/World_1.07.lha; a Macintosh version is in games/mac/World107.sit; source code of the DOS/Unix version is in games/source/