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This directory contains C64 text adventures written with the Quill by Dorothy Millard. All the archives contain .d64 disk images.

19 Items [04-Jul-1998]
The Great Aussie Adventure, parts 1 and 2.
  Part 1 - Canberra CANBERRA: To raise money for charity you go to the Australia Capital, Canberra, to take photographs of the local area - although things aren't as simple as they first appear.
  Part 2 - Treasure Hunt: Not a traditional treasure hunt, you must find a vast array of weird objects and be first back, in order to win first prize. [04-Jul-1998]
Blackpool Tower, A re-write of an early magazine game. The Blackpool Tower beckons you, but first you must escape from the house. [04-Jul-1998]
Trouble At Bridgton. You have been left in charge of Bridgton for the afternoon but something is very wrong. [04-Jul-1998]
Convention Blues. Prove yourself worthy to attend the Adventurer's Convention by completing at least one adventure. [04-Jul-1998]
Harboro. You are Special Inspector Francis and have been sent to Harboro, a small market town in England, where a murder has been committed and the suspect arrested. However, they are unable to convict him because of lack of evidence. Your job is to find the murder weapon. [04-Jul-1998]
The Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist. An old-fashioned treasure hunt. You awake with a headache and blurry memory in the living room of a large mansion. [04-Jul-1998]
Lost in the Amazon. You are the lone survivor of an expedition to South America to find the famed Golden Condor. Your plane has crashed in the jungle and you are completely lost. [04-Jul-1998]
Land of the Giants. A children's adventure based on the Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale. [04-Jul-1998]
Misty Island. You know too much and have been dumped unceremoniously to die on Misty Island. Your objective is to survive this nightmare, find evidence to catch the spies and escape back to civilization. [04-Jul-1998]
land of the Purple Sea. In this fantasy you've completed your experiment against all advice and now find yourself on a lonely beach with a purple sky and sea. [04-Jul-1998]
Revenge of the Toothless Vampire. Help poor old Cedric, the Toothless Vampire, collect his false teeth and get out of Weirdsville. [04-Jul-1998]
RJ's Ultimatum. Your parents have thrown you out, vowing never to let you return until you prove yourself worthy - they want you to go out and get a job! [04-Jul-1998]
Shadows in the Night. Discover hidden passages and other secrets in a haunted mansion - or is it? [04-Jul-1998]
St. Jives. A mad scientist is terrorising the village of St. Jives and a spell must be cast to stop him taking over. [04-Jul-1998]
Survival of the Fittest. A re-write of a game originally published in PC Computer Games. After a plane crash investigate a mysterious light before being rescued. [29-Jul-1998]
Adventure in Time and Space. A two-part adventure taking you to many places in your search for the gold key which must be returned to its proper place in time. [04-Jul-1998]
The Dare. You have been studying hard for a degree in law. The examinations are over and it's Friday night, so you and your friends decide to "let your hair down" and go out for a night on the town to celebrate. After a heavy drinking session you are dared to try to get out of a large department store in town after it has closed. [04-Jul-1998]
Westbury Mystery. A horror story set in the derelict Westbury House. [04-Jul-1998]
Yellow Peril. A fantasy where you have continued your experiments against all advice and this time find yourself in a world where everything is Yellow. You must return before it is too late.