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This directory contains AGiliTy: the (Mostly) Universal AGT Interpreter,
by Robert Masenten. AGiliTy runs every known version of AGT.
Current version: 1.1.2

# AGiliTy112Amiga.lha

AGiliTy 1.1.2 for the Amiga, ported by
David Kinder.

# AGiliTy112Win.zip

AGiliTy 1.1.2 for Windows, ported
by David Kinder.

# AGiliTy112Win-Source.zip

Source code for the Windows port, by David Kinder.

# agil084riscos.spk

AGiliTy 0.8.4 for the Acorn Archimedes RISC OS,
ported by Julian Arnold

# agil111dos.zip

AGiliTy 1.1.1 compiled for DOS as a 32-bit
program (requires 386 or better),
by Robert Masenten.

# agil111linux.tgz

AGiliTy 1.1.1 compiled for Linux,
by Robert Masenten.

# agil111linux_glk.tgz

AGiliTy 1.1.1, Glk version, compiled for Linux,
built by Simon Baldwin.

# agil111olddos.zip

AGiliTy 1.1.1 compiled for DOS as a 16-bit
program, by Robert Masenten.

# agil111osx.tgz

AGiliTy 1.1.1 for Mac OS X, ported by Flathead.

# agil112src.zip

ANSI C source code of AGiliTy:
the (Mostly) Universal AGT Interpreter,
version 1.1.2, by Robert Masenten, with updates
by David Kinder.

# agil111src_glk.zip

ANSI C source code of AGiliTy:
the (Mostly) Universal AGT Interpreter,
version 1.1.1, by Robert Masenten with
additions to use Glk by Simon Baldwin.
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