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AcornJACL.spk [13-Oct-1997]

a quick port of the JACL engine to the Acorn RISC OS by Julian Arnold, so that Acorn users can play the JACL competition game


E-Mailbox v0.3 (beta), a true story based on actual events that occurred to a real individual, by Jay A. Goemmer


Leaves, a Short Interactive Journey by Mikko Vuorinen, release 3

announcement.txt [04-Apr-1997]

Announcing the Third Annual Text Adventure Authorship Competition, Administered by "Whizzard" Gerry Kevin Wilson

comp97.z5 [09-Oct-1997]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: CompXX

The 'front-end' game for the 1997 competition, providing information on all the games and systems used to run them, plus the ability to sort the games you can play into a random list. Written by Lucian Paul Smith Release 3 / Serial number 971009

complete-results.txt [12-Feb-1998]

complete list of the results of the competition, by the vote taker, LucFrench [18-Nov-1997]
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IFDB entry

all the entries in this year's competition in one package. Unzip into a directory with the -d option to preserve the original subdirectory structure.


Down, by Kent Tessman, Release 1, 30sep97

IFWiki: A_Good_Breakfast

A Good Breakfast, an Interactive Feeding by Stuart Adair. Release 2 / Serial number 971107

IFWiki: A_Bear's_Night_Out

A Bear's Night Out, an Interactive Children's Story by David Dyte. Release 2 / Serial number 971011 (an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/bear.z5)


Cask, my first stab at Interactive Fiction, by Harry M. Hardjono. Release 1 / Serial number 970917

IFWiki: Congratulations!

Congratulations! by Frederick J. Hirsch. Release 1 / Serial number 970929

IFWiki: The_Edifice

The Edifice, an Interactive Allegory by Lucian Smith. Competition Release 1 / Serial number 970930 (an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/edifice.z5) [the walkthrough edifice.rec is linked to solutions/edifice.rec]


Travels in the Land of Erden: In Quest of the Adventure by Laura A. Knauth. Release 1 / Serial number 970930 (an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/


Friday Afternoon or: Escape from MicroSun, by Mischa Schweitzer. Release 1 / Serial number 970927

IFWiki: Coming_Home

Coming Home, A Simple Home Adventure by Andrew Katz. Release 1 / Serial number 970919

IFWiki: Aunt_Nancy's_House

Aunt Nancy's House, an Interactive Simulation. by Nate Schwartzman. Release 1 / Serial number 970906


The Family Legacy, an Interactive Ghost (???) Story by The Tame Computer, Marnie Parker (aka Female Deer). Release 1 / Serial number 971011 Note: This game was withdrawn from the competition, but for historical reasons it stays here with the author's consent. Please play the game if you like and tell the author what you think.


Madame L'Estrange and the Troubled Spirit, an Interactive Fiction by Ian Ball and Marcus Young. Release 1 / Serial number 970929

IFWiki: The_Lost_Spellmaker

The Lost Spellmaker, an Interactive Mission by Neil James Brown. Release 1 / Serial number 970927 (an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/lost.z5)


Sins Against Mimesis, an Interactive Theosophy by One of the Bruces. Release 1 / Serial number 970925 (an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/mimesis.z5 (compiled game file) and in games/source/inform/ (source code and makefile))


A New Day, by Jonathan Fry. Release 1 / Serial number 970929 (an updated version of this game is in games/zcode/newday.z5)


Pintown, by Stefan Blixt. Release 1 / Serial number 970902


Phred Phontious and the Quest for Pizza, an Interactive Errand by Michael Zey. Release 1 / Serial number 970929


Symetry, a Matter of Self Trust by Rybread Celsius. Release 1 / Serial number 970925

IFWiki: She's_Got_a_Thing_for_a_Spring

She's Got a Thing for a Spring, an Interactive Dip in a Hot Spring by Brent VanFossen. Release 1 / Serial number 970926


Sylenius Mysterium, an Interactive Transcendence. by whomever wrote it. Release 1 / Serial number 970928


The Town Dragon, by David A. Cornelson. Release 2 / Serial number 970929


The Tempest, an interactive performance by William Shakespeare. Release 3 / Serial number 970929


The Unholy Grail, by Stuart Allen, release 1 NOTE: edit file "config" to point to your game file.

official-results.txt [09-Feb-1998]

the results of the competition, by Gerry Kevin Wilson [11-Oct-1997]

Whizzard's note about this year's competition: read this to find out where to get more information


The Obscene Quest of Dr. Aardvarkbarf, by Gary Roggin.


Poor Zefron's Almanac: an interactive cross-genre romp by Carl W. Klutzke. Version 1.0, 30sep97

IFWiki: Babel

Babel, by Ian Finley.


The Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang, interactive fiction by Anonymous. Competition version. (an updated version of this game is in games/tads/frenfive.gam games/mac/frenfive.sit.hqx, and in games/pc/


Glowgrass, an Interactive Short Story by Nate Cull. Release 1


Sunset Over Savannah, an Existential Vacation by Ivan Cockrum. Release 1.0, 30sep97 (an updated version of this game is in games/tads/savannah.gam)


Temple of the Orc Mage (level one), by Gary Roggin.


VirtuaTech, by David Glasser, Release 1


Zero Sum Game, an Exercise in Fantastic Futility by Cody Sandifer. Release 1.


Zombie! The Interactive Creepshow by Scott W. Starkey