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This directory contains files relating to the 2010 Jay Is Games Casual Gameplay Design Competition #7 (Theme: Escape)

24 Files

AnOpenField.zblorb [01-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: An_Open_Field

An Open Field, An Interactive Fiction by ColdFrog. Release 1 / Serial number 100131

Blueprint.z5 [08-Feb-2010]
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IFWiki: The_Blueprint

The Blueprint, An Interactive Fiction by Thaidaree. Release 1 / Serial number 100208

CGDC7Results.csv [01-Apr-2010]

Results of the competition in comma-separated values.

CriticalBreach.z8 [02-Feb-2010]
IFWiki: Critical_Breach

Critical Breach, An Escape Story by Grey. Release 1 / Serial number 100203

Dual.zblorb [26-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: Dual_Transform

Dual Transform, A Metasemantic Construction by Andrew Plotkin ("Nigel Smith"). Release 5 / Serial number 100225 Runner-up in the competition

EscapeInTheDark.z5 [03-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: Escape_In_The_Dark

Escape In The Dark, An Interactive Vanishing, by Owen Parish. Release 3 / Serial number 100203

EscapeIntoFiction.zblorb [03-Feb-2010]
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IFWiki: Escape_Into_Fiction

Escape Into Fiction, An Interactive Fiction by M27. Release 1 / Serial number 100203

FragileShells.zblorb [22-Feb-2011]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: Fragile_Shells

Fragile Shells, An Interactive Escape by Stephen Granade. Release 4 / Serial number 100401 Runner-up in the competition A newer version is at games/zcode/FragileShells.zblorb

Heavenly.z8 [01-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: Heavenly

Heavenly, Too Much of a Good Thing, by Jim Aikin. Release 1 / Serial number 091213

Hoosegow.zblorb [10-Feb-2010]

Hoosegow, A Wild West Wreck by Ben Collins-Sussman and Jack Welch. Release 15 / Serial number 100209 Winner of the competition

IExpectYouToDie.z8 [09-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: I_Expect_You_To_Die

I Expect You To Die, An Interactive Fiction by Anthony Schuster. Release 1 / Serial number 100209

IntoTheOpenSky.zblorb [09-Feb-2010]
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IFWiki: Into_the_Open_Sky

Into the Open Sky, An Interactive Fiction by Matt Lindquist. Release 251 / Serial number 100208

Ka.z8 [24-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: Ka

Ka, An Interactive Escape by Dan Efran. Release 2 / Serial number 100212

LuridDreams.z8 [11-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: Lurid_Dreams

Lurid Dreaming, An Interactive Fiction by Torgrim Mellum Stene. Release 1 / Serial number 100211

Monday.z8 [01-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: Monday,_16:30

Monday, 16:30, Escape The Office IF by Alexander "Mordred" Andonov. Release 1 / Serial number 100201

PartyFoul.zblorb [08-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry

Party Foul, An Exercise in Frustration by Brooks Reeves. Release 4 / Serial number 100208 Runner-up in the competition

Roofed.zblorb [27-Feb-2010]
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IFWiki: Roofed

Roofed, A Karrento Brothers Adventure by Jim Munroe. Release 2 / Serial number 100223

Survive.z5 [09-Feb-2010]
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Survive, by Baltazar. Release 3 / Serial number 100208

Terminal.zblorb [06-Feb-2010]
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Terminal, An Interactive Fiction by C. Everett. Release 1 / Serial number 100205

TheCube.z8 [01-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry

The Cube, An Interactive Fiction by Simon Smart and Eleanor Gang. Release 1 / Serial number 100130

TheManorAtWhitby.zblorb [12-Jun-2018]
IFDB entry

The Manor at Whitby, An Interactive Fiction by L. E. Hall Release 1 / Serial number 100201

TheUsher.z8 [12-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry

The Usher, A potentially uninteresting fate, by Branden Rishel and Daphne Gabrieli. Release 1 / Serial number 100211

Zegrothenus.z8 [14-Feb-2010]
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Zegrothenus, by Poster. Release 2 / Serial number 021310

Zeroeth.z8 [22-Feb-2010]
IFDB entry

A Zeroeth Dimension An Interactive Fiction by Dewey Mowris Release 1 / Serial number 100221