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The following are entries to Graeme Porter's HighlandComp (2001). Theme: setting or NPC from the Highlands of Scotland.

3 Files

haggis.ulx [25-Apr-2001]
IFDB entry

Catch That Haggis, or, Working Around The Restrictions. A HighlandComp Entry by Adam Biltcliffe. Release 5 / Serial number 010203 (This is Glulx file and needs a Glulx interpreter; look in programming/glulx/interpreters/glulxe for one)

highland.z5 [04-May-2001]
IFDB entry

Highland Chef, an Interactive Highland Adventure, written by Graeme Pletscher. Release 1 / Serial number 010225

roots.z5 [26-Apr-2001]
IFDB entry

Roots, an interactive bunch of stereotypes, by Sophie Fruehling. Release 1 / Serial number 010227