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This directory contains the games entered in Marius Müller's Neinth Annual New Year's Minicomp (2015/6).

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Candle_flames_in_windless_air.gblorb [21-Jan-2016]
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Candle flames in windless air, by Teaspoon. Release 1 / Serial number 160118

EGYPTWALK.z8 [03-Jan-2016]
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EGYPTIAN WALKING SIMULATOR, by Jason Dyer. Release 1 / Serial number 151231

Her_Majestys_Trolley_Problem.gblorb [03-Jan-2016]
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Her Majesty's Trolley Problem, by Buster Hudson. Release 1 / Serial number 160102

Mhairie_Sioux_Escrivain.gblorb [03-Jan-2016]
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Mhairie Sioux Escrivain and the Dracula of Hogwarts, by M. Grablowsky. Release 1 / Serial number 160102

Staying_Put.gblorb [31-Dec-2015]
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Staying Put, by verityvirtue. Release 1 / Serial number 151231

The_Day_time_stood_still.gblorb [02-Jan-2016]
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IFWiki: The Day time stood still

The Day Time stood still, by Marius Müller.