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This directory contains library extensions for various purposes contributed by members of the IF community.

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Glulx-specific Inform library extensions.


Older versions of some of the files in this directory.

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3phtalk.h [25-Jan-2018]

menu based conversation system based on Adam Cadre's routines from Photopia (phototalk.inf), modified and object-oriented by David Glasser, then adapted to Triform 1.2 by Hunter Hoke.

action.h [12-Sep-1998]

a library for implementing action menus, version 0.8, by Adam Stark

AltMenu.h [19-Sep-1998]

a library extension to create object-oriented menus, by L. Ross Raszewski, version 6 [09-Jan-2006]
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A replacement library for WaterElement.h (which handles divisible and mixed liquids, floating objects, and absorbent materials) which compiles more gracefully under Inform 6.30 and which better handles Glulx. By Al Golden, based on Emily Short's library.

array.h [25-Apr-1999]

a library of useful array functions, version 0.1, by Evin Robertson.

AskTellOrder.h [06-Jan-2000]

a routine for reparsing the player's input, converting input of the form "ASK/TELL THE NPC TO DO SOMETHING" into "NPC, DO SOMETHING", by Irene Callaci.

BannerPause.inf [01-Feb-2003]

A library extension to allow the introduction of a pause in the printing of the game's initial banner text, by printing a [MORE] prompt. Pressing any key then displays the opening room and status line. Release 1, Serial 021216, written by Jay Goemmer. [09-Oct-2001]
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A library to output a HTML script of the game, including user comments, as an aid to beta testing. Version 1.5 by Stas Starkov, based on "betatest.h" by Marnie Parker.

betatest.h [28-Jan-2000]

a beta testing aid, allowing testers to add comments to the output script. Version 1.02, written by Marnie Parker

blackjack.inf [11-Jun-2005]

Inform code to add a blackjack dealer to a game. Version 1.1, written by Ashok Desai.

boxclever.h [13-Jul-2002]

An extension of the standard 'box' statement that allows text to be bold or underlined. Version 1.0, by Roger Firth.

bquote.h [18-May-2005]

An extension to help printing block quoted text for letters, newspaper clippings etc. Version 1.00, by Martin Oehm.

branch.h [27-Apr-1998]

a class for branching menus, by Chris Klimas (an example for its use is in games/source/inform/once.inf)

calyx_adjectives.h [16-Jul-1998]

a library to provide a system of 'adnames', words which may be used to refer to objects without themselves implying that the object name has been typed. Release 1, by Miron Schmidt, based on Andrew Clover's Inform 5 library 'adname.h'.

CCPL.h [21-May-2003]

A library extention that displays text of the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial 1.0 license, suitable for use as the license of a freeware IF game. Contains both the short (friendly) and long (legal) forms of the license. Inform module by Roger Firth, version 1.2.

checkout.h [10-May-2000]

Implements a CHECKOUT debugging verb which identifies asymmetric and one-way paths between rooms. Version 1.0 by Roger Firth.

chooo.h [09-Nov-2005]

An object oriented extension to the ChooseObjects entry point, version 1.0, by Krister Fundin.

classutl.h [19-Sep-2001]

A collection of class-related helper functions, version 1.0, by Matt Albrecht.

clothes.h [03-Jul-2002]

A library defining a clothes class for easy clothing handling. Set area, level, and covering for pieces of clothing. Written by Denis Moskowitz and updated by Timothy Groves.

clothing.h [20-Mar-1998]

a library defining a clothes class for easy clothing handling. Set area, level, and covering for pieces of clothing. Written by Denis Moskowitz.

clothing.inf [20-Mar-1998]

an example game demonstrating the use of clothing.h

cmap.h [12-Dec-1996]

a library to allow easy creation of game maps, by Rick Dague

cmap.inf [12-Dec-1996]

an example game demonstrating the use of cmap.h

compass.h [27-Nov-1999]

a compass management library to remove the walls, floor and ceilings for outdoor areas, written by Jonathan Rosebaugh.

converse.h [15-May-1998]

a library to generate menu based conversations, version 2.0, by L. Ross Raszewski

daemons.h [31-Oct-2001]

a library to cause daemons and timers to execute in priority order. Originally by Andrew Plotkin and reworked for Inform 6 by Roger Firth.

debuglib.h [12-Dec-1999]

a library to allow for easier printing of debugging statements, by John Cater

debugmcs.h [19-Nov-2001]

A library to implement a time-saving command to check Inform source for bugs caused by missing commas, by Cedric Knight.

diary.h [28-Feb-2000]

A library that allows a game author to provide a diary and dynamically add and remove pages. Release 1.000226, written by Gunther Schmidl, partly based on code by L. Ross Raszewski.

dirs.h [06-Mar-1997]

provides a 'dirs' verb that tells you which directions you can go in, version 2.1, by Nicholas Daley

dirs_2.h [29-Jul-1998]

a library to provide an easy way of adding a 'dirs' or 'exits' verb, by Gunther Schmidl

dirsmap.h [11-Apr-1999]

Dirsmap version 2.10, by Marnie Parker Adds a 'directions' command to Inform. Depending on the current dirs_style, available exits are shown either with a map or in a sentence. [08-Mar-2003]
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A menuing system similar to menus.h, but allowing concealed or locked menu items, and (optionally) submenus that are embedded in parent menus. Version 7, by Dave Robinson.

domenu.h [19-Sep-1998]

a replacement for Inform's standard DoMenu, version 6.2, by L. Ross Raszewski

doors.h [21-Jan-1997]

a library making the definition of two-sided doors easier, by L. Ross Raszewski

doors2.h [14-Aug-1998]

a library to make the parsing of directions for doors easier, by Max Kalus

dump.h [10-May-2000]

Provides debugging verbs DUMP (for displaying parts of the Z-machine memory map) and IS (for reporting what a given number might be). Version 1.1 by Roger Firth.

dunno.h [05-Apr-2001]

A library to add Infocom-style error messages (e.g. I don't know the word "kludge".) Version 1.1, written by Neil Cerutti and updated for Glulx by Andrew Plotkin. [12-Dec-1999]
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a library for dynamic memory use, version 2.0, by John Cater. Archive includes library code, an example program and documentation.

dynobj.h [12-Dec-1999]

a library to implement truly dynamic objects, by John Cater

easydoors.h [28-May-2001]

A library extension that allows simple creation of doors, version 3.0, by Andrew MacKinnon. It also has a few extra features (automatic door opening when not locked, and status styles).

elevator.inf [28-Jan-1998]

An elevator object which the user can control by a call button on each floor or by the buttons in the elevator itself. Version 2, written by Martin Braun

Entry.h [12-Apr-2001]

A library extension that extends the entry point routine functionality of the standard library, by Brendan Barnwell.

EventList.h [05-Sep-2010]

A library that provides TADS3 style EventList classes (Shuffled, Cyclic, Stop, Sync, and Distributed) for more realistic conversation systems. EventLists can print text or run a routine from any item in the list. Version 1.00, by Jim Aikin.

ExpertGrammar.h [30-May-2003]

Extensions to the standard Inform grammar incorporating a number of commonly-requested features. Version 0.6, by Emily Short.

fixedpt.h [19-Sep-2001]

Routines 16-bit fixed-point math, version 1.0, by Matt Albrecht.

fixedpt.inf [19-Sep-2001]

Test harness for fixedpt.h, by Matt Albrecht.

fkeys.h [29-May-2014]

A library for enabling the use of function keys, version 1.1, by David Fillmore.

flags.h [18-Mar-1998]

A module for implementing boolean flags in Inform, written by Adam Cadre

follower.h [06-Oct-1997]

"Follower Library" release 3, by Gareth Rees and Andrew Clover, updated for use with Inform 6 by Neil Brown. A library providing support for creatures and things that can be followed by the player.

Footnote.h [04-Sep-1997]

an Inform library extension for Inform 5.5 or greater to produce sequentially numbered footnotes, by L. Ross Raszewski, version 2.0

FP.h [14-Nov-2009]

A library providing IEEE 754 conformant floating point arithmetic for the Z-machine. Release 1/2, by Kevin Bracey.

FP.tar.gz [14-Nov-2009]
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A library providing IEEE 754 conformant floating point arithmetic for the Z-machine. Release 1/2, by Kevin Bracey. Archive includes the library, documentation and examples.

GoNeighbour.h [04-Feb-2001]

GoNeighbour version 0.20, a library extension to allow to go to adjacent rooms with the syntax "go <room>", written by Alan Trewartha. [21-Jul-1999]
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a library which implements the "go to <a location>" verb, written by Toni Arnold. Together with the library "dirs_2.h" this allows Inform games to have the same player movement as Magnetic Scrolls games. Archive includes HTML documentation, a Perl script to convert existing source code, and a converted version of the game "Adventure".

GPL_for_Inform_src.tar.gz [27-Jan-2001]
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Source code to add the Gnu Public License to a Z-Code game, by Patrick Boylan.

greenbacks.inf [01-Apr-1997]

Greenbacks, a demonstration of the use of money.h (see below) for US currency, beta release, by Erik Hetzner

gtalk.h [03-Aug-2006]

A library for Photopia style menu-based conversations, allowing for submenus, and looping and repeating conversations. Version 3.00, written by Greg Boettcher, Krister Fundin and Mark J. Tilford.

gtalk.inf [03-Aug-2006]

Demonstration game for gtalk.h.

HelpRoutines.h [20-Oct-2005]

Routines that give help messages, such as a list of standard Inform verbs, suggestions about what to do at the beginning of a game, and so on. Version 1.0, by Emily Short.

Hints.h [09-Sep-1997]

a library to produce nicely formatted hints, by L. Ross Raszewski, version 2

hintsms.h [28-Mar-2006]

A hint system similar to that used by Magnetic Scrolls, which requires the user to enter codes from the game's manual to obtain the hint, written by Peer Schaefer. [14-Sep-2006]
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An extension that implements 'indirect holders,' tools such as tweezers and pliers that can be used to pick up game objects that, for one reason or another, can't be touched directly. Written by Jim Aikin.

howtoplay.h [24-Oct-2017]

Implements a HELP verb that displays Fredrik Ramsberg's "How to Play" instructions from his "A Beginner's Guide to Playing Interactive Fiction." If used with Menus, the library displays the instructions in a menu; otherwise, the text is displayed in the main screen. By Michael Coyne. Version 1.3, updated to work with Inform 6.3 and DMenus.

ictype.h [23-Jul-1998]

An implementation of the ANSI C ctype functions, version 1, by L. Ross Raszewski

imem.h [16-Jan-1999]

a library to implement run-time allocation of dynamic memory for objects. Version 2.0, by L. Ross Raszewski

imemd.inf [09-Oct-1998]

a demonstration of imem.h [19-Oct-2002]
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InfAud 1.3, a system to allow Zcode and Glulx games to play sound files through an external sound players, written by Donnie E. Russell II. Included are Windows executables, library and example files. [15-Oct-2002]
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Example music files for InfAud, by Jesse Ray Lucas.

Info.h [25-Jan-1998]

a library extension for consultation and conversation, allowing the consult, ask, etc. commands to access a database of topics. Written by Jesse Burneko [03-Feb-2000]
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Joe Mason's library modification to allowing real-time text input (in the style of Infocom's Border Zone), updated to Inform library 6/10 by Gunther Schmidl.

inform-realtime-hack.tar.gz [09-Aug-1998]
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a modification of the parserm.h file from the Inform library 6/7, allowing real-time text input (in the style of Infocom's Border Zone), by Joe Mason Includes the modified library file and a short example

infunit.h [19-Sep-2001]

A test harness for Inform, based on jUnit (a test harness for Java). Version 1.0, by Matt Albrecht.

infunit.inf [19-Sep-2001]

Test harness for infunit.h, by Matt Albrecht.

isort.h [16-Jun-2000]

An implementation of the quicksort routine for Inform arrays, version 1.0, by L. Ross Raszewski.

istring.h [17-Mar-1998]

the Inform string library, version 2.1, providing implementations of the standard ANSI C library string functions, by L. Ross Raszewski

links.h [03-Oct-1998]

a library to implement linkable objects, e.g. an explosive and a detonator, by Jayson Smith.

links.inf [03-Oct-1998]

an example demonstrating the use of links.h

Locksmith.h [01-Mar-2002]

A library that allows better automatic selection of keys following an unlock command, by Emily Short.

longint.h [09-Mar-1998]

a library to allow signed and unsigned 4 byte integer arithmetic, Release 1. Written by Chris Hall and Francis Irving.

longint.inf [09-Mar-1998]

an example demonstrating the use of longint.h

longint_dg.h [25-Feb-2002]

A math library for performing 16 and 32 bit mathematical operations, by David Given. [22-May-2002]
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Inform source code for makemaze, an Inform program to generate random mazes and output the Inform source for that maze. Written by Ricardo Dague.

ManPro.h [17-Nov-1998]

a library that allows you to let the player toggle automatic pronoun assignment, by David Glasser

manual.h [08-Mar-1998]

a library to generate browsable text for Z-Machine books and built-in manuals, version 5.0, by L. Ross Raszewski [06-May-2003]
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A library to map accented letters to their internal character codes for ZSCII or Glulx. Version 0.02, by Wouter ten Brink. [30-Jul-2004]
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A HTML-like markup extension for Glulx and Z-code, allowing markup of text styles and formatting, inline pictures and hyperlinks (the latter two for Glulx only), by Simon Baldwin. Archive includes the library, example code and the example compiled for both Glulx and Z-code.

math.h [19-Sep-2001]

A collection of miscellaneous math functions, version 1.0, by Matt Albrecht.

math.inf [19-Sep-2001]

Test harness for math.h, by Matt Albrecht.

mathpars.h [19-Sep-2001]

Grammar parsing routines for big numbers (in decimal, hex, or binary), version 1.0, by Matt Albrecht. [14-Jul-2005]
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A library for "Choose Your Own Adventure" type games. Version 2.22, by Krister Fundin.

menus.h [07-Mar-2003]

a library extension providing easier and better menus, by Graham Nelson

Menus.inf [25-May-1998]

an example of using AltMenu.h, by L. Ross Raszewski [07-Nov-2004]
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IFWiki: MInform

mInform 1.1, a cut-down Inform library for generating small story files. Created by Dave Bernazzani, based on Inform library 6/2.

mistype.h [06-Jun-2004]

A library to automatically correct minor typing errors by the player. Version 1.24, by Cedric Knight.

Moderator.h [01-Mar-2002]

A library which provided a Scene class, which can be used to supervise the player's actions in a game with a complex plot. A scene allows entry points to control where the player is allowed to go, trigger events after a certain lapse of time, etc. Written by Emily Short.

money.h [01-Apr-1997]

a library that provides a generic system for the manipulation of money, beta release, by Erik Hetzner (see greenbacks.inf above for an example game which uses US currency)

moveclass.h [07-Apr-2001]

MoveClass, a library to provide either random or directed movement for any NPCs. Version 8.10, by Neil Brown and Alan Trewartha, with changes for Glulx by Matthew Russotto.

moveman.txt [07-Apr-2001]

The manual for MoveClass

movie.h [19-Jun-1998]

a library to put non-interactive "cut scenes" into a game, version 3, by L. Ross Raszewski

multifloyd.h [25-Apr-1999]

a library to enable a game to be connected to ifMUD's multiplayer Floyd bot, by Evin Robertson.

nameable.h [08-Apr-2001]

An extension to allow objects to be named by the player. Written by John Colagioia, based on code from Graham Nelson's game "Balances".

NewbieGrammar.h [30-May-2003]

Grammar lines and some verb routines to catch and correct non-standard behavior by new players. Works best with HelpRoutines.h, though that is not a requirement. Version 0.6, by Emily Short.

newflags.h [26-Feb-2002]

A rewrite of Adam Cadre's flags.h library which is designed to be more efficient with system resources. Rewritten by Fredrik Ramsberg. [13-Apr-1997]
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a customizable replacement for Inform's standard WriteListFrom(), by Andreas Hoppler

notepad.h [28-Feb-2000]

A library that allows a game player to take short notes during play and delete them again. Also has methods for the game author to add, delete and manipulate notes. Release 1.000227, written by Gunther Schmidl.

notes.h [21-Nov-2004]

A library for implementing footnotes in a game. Release 1, written by Anson Turner. [14-Sep-2001]
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A library for writing games with a "novel" mode, that is, in the style of the author's 2000 Competition entry "My Angel". Written by Ingold. [23-Dec-2000]
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NPC Engine, a library to help program sophisticated NPCs in Inform. Release 8, by Volker Lanz. Archive includes the library file, documentation and an example game. [19-Sep-2001]
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A framework to ease the NPC creation process, which allows NPCs to interact with one another. Written by Matt Albrecht.

objlstr.h [21-Mar-2000]

An object listing debugging aid for Inform games, version 1.50, written by Marnie Parker.

ObjNameA.h [20-Jul-2000]

A library extension to allow objects with "a" in their name properties to parse correctly. Version 1.1, by Michael Roy.

OKBLib.h [26-Aug-2002]

A library of miscellaneous classes and routines, by Brendan Barnwell.

OKBScrpt.h [08-Apr-2001]

A library extension to allow branching, menu-based conversations, by Brendan Barnwell.

oldaemon.h [03-Dec-2002]

A daemon which combines multiple objectloops into a single loop, thus improving performance. Version 1.0, by L. Ross Raszewski. [29-Feb-2024]
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IFWiki: ORLibrary

The Onyx Ring library, a library that builds upon and extends the standard Inform library.

This zip contains:

  • ORLibrary version 1.3c, by Jim Fisher, released 08 Jun 2004.
  • A separate folder holding two updated versions of library files, which were published after 1.3C. Use of the updated versions is optional but recommended, as the updates include bug fixes.

This version requires at least Inform 6.30.

outofrch.h [11-Apr-1999]

a library to define reachable areas for supporters and containers, version 2.00, written by Marnie Parker

perform.tgz [26-Nov-2005]
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Perform (Perceptron Classifier in Inform), version 1.0 by Nick Montfort, MIT License.

phototalk.inf [09-Mar-1999]

routines from the game Photopia dealing with the menu conversation system, by Adam Cadre

phtalkoo.h [22-Jul-1999]

menu based conversation system based on Adam Cadre's routines from Photopia (phototalk.inf), modified and object-oriented by David Glasser [24-Aug-2003]
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IFWiki: Platypus

Platypus release 4+, Anson Turner's replacement for the standard Inform library (previously called "animalib"), along with documentation and example code.

player_notepad.h [23-Nov-2007]

An extension for taking notes during play, as used in Suveh Nux. Version 1.0, by David Fisher.

plback.h [13-Mar-2004]

A library extension (for the Platypus library only) that implements a GO BACK verb, by Alexandre Muniz. Version 1.1.

plphtoo.h [14-Dec-2001]

Menu based conversation system based on Adam Cadre's routines from Photopia (phototalk.inf), modified and object-oriented by David Glasser, and then adapted for Platypus by Alexandre Muniz.

pmove.h [06-Jan-1997]

an extension to move objects while preserving the object lineage, by L. Ross Raszewski [10-May-2001]
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A library that allows more precise name constructs to be declared and causes the parser to disambiguate based on these "phrase name" constructs, written by Neil Cerutti. Version 1.1, 10 May 2001.

Positions.h [17-Apr-2011]

An extension to allow input such as "take the glasses in the case on the bookshelf". Version 1.1, written by Nathan Schwartzman.

prand.h [12-Sep-2001]

A library for printing random strings, release 1, by Anson Turner. [15-Mar-2003]
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A function with allows you to print text to the screen at a slower than normal computer speed rate, written by David Cornelson. Archive includes library header and an example.

printtime.h [04-Nov-1998]

a library to print a time in a chosen format, by Erik Hetzner. Release 981031

QPrint.h [17-Mar-2005]

QPrint, a mid-string rule printing system, version 1, by Dave Robinson.

random.h [15-Feb-2006]

A replacement for Inform's random() function, which ensures well-distributed (and, where necessary, predictable) results, irrespective of which Z-machine or Glulx interpreter the player is using. Version 1.3, written by Roger Firth. [27-Feb-2000]
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IFWiki: Reactive Agent Planner

Reactive Agent Planner for Inform, a goal seeking library for Inform NPCs. Version 1.1, written by Nate Cull. [21-Feb-2004]
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IFWiki: Reactive Agent Planner

Reactive Agent Planner for Inform, a goal seeking library for Inform NPCs. Version 1.2, originally by Nate Cull, and updated with a Perl preprocessor by Sam Denton.

recept.h [28-Mar-2006]

A library for receptacles, that is, contains with defined capacities. Version 1.0, by Peer Schaefer.

SampleTranscript.h [17-Aug-2002]

A library which containts two Infocom-style sample transcripts, which can be inserted into a game. By Emily Short.

scenic.h [13-Jul-2000]

Supports lightweight scenery 'objects', embedded in room objects, which can be examined but not otherwise manipulated. Version 3.1, written by Richard Barnett, Joe Mason, Roger Firth and Stefano Gaburri.

Scoper.h [30-Jan-2000]

A library to help determine which rooms are visible from a given location. Version 1.0, written by Daniel Barkalow.

scrutinize.h [22-Sep-2007]

An extension to help find missing synonyms for objects, written by Fredrik Ramsberg.

seeno.h [21-Sep-2003]

A library to change the standard Inform message "You can't see any such thing." to the more specific "You see no xxx yyy here." Version 1.1, by Cedric Knight.

sha_hint.h [22-May-2003]

A library to add a simple hint system to a game, where the user enters "hint <topic>" to get hints. Written by Ricardo Dague. [20-Oct-2002]
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A skeleton shell for starting coding a game from. Includes code to make the character male or female, hints, magic words and a comment verb.

shuffle.h [31-Oct-2001]

A library to pull numbers randomly from a hat until all have been used, whereupon the process restarts; like random(), but avoiding obvious repetition, by Roger Firth.

smartcantgo.h [05-Feb-1999]

"Smart 'Can't Go' Library" by David Wagner, updated for Inform 6 by Roger Firth. A routine that lists the exits of rooms instead of just "You can't go that way". Version 5 (3feb99), based on David's version 3 (08nov95).

sorting.h [22-Sep-2003]

Implementation of quick sort, insertion sort and shell sort routines, version 1.2, by Fredrik Ramsberg.

sorting.inf [17-Sep-2003]

An example using the sort routines in sorting.h, by Fredrik Ramsberg.

sound.h [21-Nov-1996]

a library to handle Inform's sound capabilities, by L. Ross Raszewksi. Requires a sound card.

stack.h [19-Jan-2003]

An implementation of a stack, by Fredrik Ramsberg.

stack.inf [19-Jan-2003]

An example of how to use the stack class in stack.h, by Fredrik Ramsberg.

StatusLineColors.inf [08-Feb-2003]

A library extension that sets the colours of the status bar according to "zones" defined in the game. Colours can be enabled or disabled by the player. Release 1, Serial 030201, by Jay Goemmer and Roger Firth.

stringmaker.h [13-Jul-2002]

A routine to convert a byte array of characters into a packed string which can be printed (and vice versa). Version 1.0, by Roger Firth. [03-Jun-2007]
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A class that allows for the use of strings as names for an object, getting around the 9-character dictionary-word limitation. Includes a thorough example game. Version 0.2, written by Chipjack.

style.h [13-Apr-1998]

an Inform library extension for embedding styles in print statements, written by by Chris Klimas

swap.h [19-Jul-2004]

A function to swap two objects, moving each to the other's parent, by "she's long gone".

teleport.inf [27-Dec-2001]

Inform source to demonstrate how to allow the player to teleport to a room by typing in the room's name as a command, written by Jim Fisher and Michael Huang.

text_functions.h [06-Jan-1999]

a library of functions for dealing with text in Inform, Release 1.0, by Patrick Kellum.

text_functions.inf [06-Jan-1999]

an example demonstrating the use of text_functions.h

timepiece.h [04-Nov-1998]

a library of classes to implement watches, clocks, etc., by Erik Hetzner. Release 981031

timesys.h [19-Nov-1998]

a library extension that enhances handling of time-oriented games, by Kevin Forchione. Based on both timewait.h (1995) and waittime.h (1996).

timewait.h [25-Oct-1997]

Time/Wait Library, release 3. A library to support parsing the time of day and "wait until three o'clock" commands. Written by Andrew Clover and updated to Inform 6 by Nicholas Daley

torch.h [03-Feb-2004]

A library allowing the use of torches (the flaming, wooden kind), which can be either good (ready to be ignited), burning, or burnt-out. Written by David Griffith. [23-Jan-2021]
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IFWiki: Triform

Triform 1.2b, an alternate library for Inform, written by Nathan Schwartzman.

trinitystat.h [31-Jul-2000]

A library go give games a status line in the style of Infocom's Trinity, written by Jonathan Rosebaugh.

utility.h [12-Sep-2001]

A library of useful Inform functions, version 4.0, by L. Ross Raszewski. Also works under Glulx. [06-Feb-2000]
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V6Lib version 0.826, an Inform Library that helps programmers write games for the Version 6 Z-Machine, written by Jason C. Penney. It has support for multiple text windows, images, and sounds.

V6Lib_Manual.pdf [22-Jan-1998]

Manual for V6Lib in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

V6Lib_Manual.txt [22-Jan-1998]

Manual for V6Lib in plain text format.

Verbs.htm [23-Feb-2000]

A list of the standard verbs found in the Inform 6/10 Grammar.h file, in HTML format, by Brian Uri.

waittime.h [25-Oct-1997]

a library to provide understanding of English time strings, to give an enhanced "wait" command. Written by L. Ross Raszewski and updated to Inform 6 by Nicholas Daley [26-May-2002]
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A library to handle divisible and mixed liquids, floating objects, and absorbent materials, version 0.95b, by Emily Short. [19-Jul-2004]
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A library for clothing, by "she's long gone". Includes the library, documentation and a demonstration game.

whatis.h [22-Nov-1996]

a library to provide commands such as "who am I", "what is a grue", etc. Version 1, by Andrew C. Murie

whowhat.h [19-Jan-1998]

a library to provide support for input such as "who is..." and "what is...". Written by David Cornelson, based on "whatis.h" by A.C. Murie.

writelist.h [02-May-2003]

Replacement components for the Library list-maker WriteListFrom(), invoking an object's invent property both for inventories AND during room descriptions. Version 1.1, written by Roger Firth.

yesno.h [30-Nov-1996]

a library to ask a semi-rhetorical yes or no question, by L. Ross Raszewski

zclock.h [22-Dec-2003]

A library that implements the timers and daemons mechansim used in Infocom games, by Allen Garvin.

znsi.h [17-Mar-1998]

ZNSI version 1.0, a control-code add on system for istring.h (see above), by L. Ross Raszewski [28-Jun-2002]
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A collection of Zork-related library extensions, Release 2, by Joe Merical.