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This directory contains Glulx-specific Inform library extensions

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BustFlow.h [31-May-2001]

BustAFlow, a Glulx Inform library for passing object property execution up the object tree, by Brendan Barnwell. [15-Nov-2002]
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Adds a graphical toolbar, similar to those found in many OSes such as Windows and KDE/Gnome, to the top of a Glulx Inform program, by Simon Baldwin. [25-Mar-2005]
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GWindows Screen Management Framework for Glulx, version 0.9b, by L. Ross Raszewski.

GxScript.h [31-May-2001]

A menu-based conversation library for Glulx Inform, with conversation menus in a separate window, by Brendan Barnwell. [19-Nov-2011]
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A Glulx Inform library, version 0.7.3, designed to make calling Glk functions from within Glulx Inform easier, written by John Cater. Archive includes library header file and Perl source code used to create it. Note that this version supercedes the previous 2.0 release, as the numbering scheme has been changed to be in line with Glk version numbering.

OKBGlulx.h [12-Apr-2001]

A library providing object-oriented mechanisms for handling Glk windows, and also has underscore-free function aliases for some infglk functions, by Brendan Barnwell.

OKBStyle.h [12-Apr-2001]

A library which allows text style changes to be embedded in literal strings, by Brendan Barnwell.

pdtlt.inf [24-Apr-2001]

"People Don't Talk Like That", a demonstration of the GxScript conversation library, by Brendan Barnwell. Inform source code.

pdtlt.ulx [24-Apr-2001]

"People Don't Talk Like That", by Brendan Barnwell. Compiled Glulx game file.

sgw.h [05-Jul-2005]

Simple Glulxe Wrapper, a simple and small glulxe wrapper, created for the novice Inform programmer. Version 1.1, by Alessandro Schillaci.