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This directory contains files related to Confusion, an MDL interpreter which, to quote its author, "Works just well enough to play the original Zork all the way through."

4 Files

confusion_0.2.tgz [21-Jul-2009]
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Confusion version 0.2, written by Matthew T. Russotto. An MDL interpreter sufficient to run MDL Zork. GPL v3, source code only. [02-Aug-2009]
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Windows executable for Confusion version 0.2, ported by David Kinder.

confusion_mdlzork.tgz [21-Jul-2009]
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Instructions and patch files to make the MDL Zork sources usable with Confusion, by Matthew T. Russotto.

gc.tar.gz [27-Oct-2008]
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Source code for version 6.8 of Hans-J. Boehm's conservative garbage collector for C and C++. This is required for building Confusion.