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These are all the games written in ET CETERA, the propositional rule-based IF design system built entirely out of used socks. If I were a grue I'd sure stay clear!

For more details, go fly a kite. In a thunderstorm. Made of socks.

7 Items

fight.sock [01-Jan-2009]
Fight for Sock Mountain, version 1.0, by some person.
jasmine.sock [01-Jan-2009]
Socks That Smell Like Jasmine, Release 1 / Serial number 12345678
kalamazoo.sock [01-Jan-2009]
Kalamazoo: An Interactive Pez Dispenser, by some person.
lolcats.sock [01-Jan-2009]
LOLCats, a text adventure by CAT TOWN
nose-bonk-1.sock [01-Jan-2009]
Nosebonk, a script to transcribe SOCK files into AGT
poprock.sock [01-Jan-2009]
Pop Rock Sock Jock Adventure! by Dr. Seuss
tired.sock [01-Jan-2009]
You can see I've gotten tired of writing these fake game descriptions.