This directory contains source code for text adventures written in BASIC.


Index                  this file              Miser, a conversion of a C64 BASIC text adventure
                       to MS-DOS, by Rene van Hasselaar. Archive includes
                       BASIC source code and an MS-DOS executable.
                       [file is linked from games/pc/]              Alien version 2B, author unknown; play with CAPS LOCK
                       on. QBASIC source code, ported from BASICA by
                       Ambat Sasi.             Voyage to Atlantis, a TRS-80 adventure by Greg Hassett,
                       converted to QBasic by Nele Abels, with corrections by
                       Ambat Sasi. QBasic source code.           Escape from Atlantis, a small QBasic adventure,
                       by Thomas Ally.              Aztec Tomb (Part 1), an illustrated C64 text adventure
                       by A.R. Crowther, ported to DOS and QBASIC by
                       D. Raisin. QBASIC source code.           Breath Pirates, by Mike Snyder.
                       (a compiled MS-DOS version is in games/pc/             Beaten: An Interactive Adventure by Eddie Tomayko
                       Serial/Release No. 708/348, QBASIC source code.              The Night of the Vampire Bunnies, by Jason Dyer.
                       A short game written in BASIC; somewhat a cross between
                       a black comedy and a B-movie. QBASIC source code.
                       Jason wrote this game at the age of 10.
                       (a port to Inform is in games/zcode/bunny.z5 (compiled
                        game) and in games/source/inform/ (source

cia.bas                CIA adventure.

dogstar.bas            Dog Star Adventure, by Lance Micklus, taken from
                       SoftSide May 1979 (a TRS-80 Software Magazine), and
                       modified for the Zenith Z-100 by Gern.           Castle Droganya, by Steve Chodes.
                       BASICA, GW-BASIC, and QBASIC source code,
                       conversion to GW-BASIC by Nathan Glasser.           GW-BASIC source code of The Wonderful World of Eamon
                       version 1.1, a text role playing game originally
                       written for the Apple II by Donald Brown,
                       ported to DOS by Jon Walker.
                       [See games/pc/eamon/ for compiled version 2 games.]                Escape from Hiddenite, by Lester Schramm.
                       QBASIC source code.

elgon.bas              The Treasure of Elgon, written by Keith Hawthorn and
                       converted for the Microbee by A. Laughton.              Lonely Jamie, by J. Mellish.
                       GW-BASIC source code of a very simple game that
                       prompts you for one-word responses.           The Last City, by Roger M. Wilcox.
                       BASICA and QBASIC source code, conversion to QBASIC
                       by Ambat Sasi.           Lunatix: The Insanity Circle, by Mike Snyder.
                       (a compiled MS-DOS version is in games/pc/

magic.bas              Magic Realm, written by Gemino Michael Smothers,
                       in QBasic.             So I Mangled My Mom, by Aaron Oldenburg.
                       DOS executable and QBasic source code.
                       [file is linked from games/pc/]            The Treasure of McDooby's Mansion version 2,
                       by Jason A. Wells. GW-BASIC source code.             The Melarkian, version 1.01, by Paul Panks.             Pirate Island, by David Meny.
                       GW-BASIC source code and instructions plus QBASIC
                       source code, ported by Ambat Sasi.

quest.bas              A GWBasic port of Quest, originally written by
                       Roger Chaffee.              Secret Quest 2010, an illustrated text adventure by
                       Eric Iwasaki, after an idea of Wayne Tsuji's.
                       BASICA and GW-BASIC source code plus QBASIC
                       source code, ported by Ambat Sasi.

sceptre1.bas           SceptreQuest I, first and only one of a series of
                       seven, a very early adventure by Sean Givan.
                       GW-BASIC source code.
                       (see games/hugo/
                        for an embroidered port to Hugo)

shell.bas              Adventure Shell by Tim Harnell. GWBasic source code.
                       NOTE: To move type go, followed by the compass

snafufun.bas           "The Adventure" by Chris Kerton (his first try),
                       a fantasy role-playing game.  GW-BASIC source code.

soviet.bas             Escape from Soviet Science and Detention Base,
                       by David Meny.

survival.bas           Survival, MBasic source code.             The Temple of Loth, version 4.2 (25 July 1984),
                       by John Belew.

tower.bas              Tower of Mystery, written in Microsoft BASIC, as
                       printed in Compute!'s Guide to Adventure Games by
                       Gary McGath, pages 166-171, transcribed by
                       Jason Wells.

treasure2.txt          Treasure Dungeon 2, by David E. White.               The Vial of Doom, by Roger M. Wilcox.
                       QBASIC source code, converted from BASICA
                       by Ambat Sasi.             Wizard's Castle, published in the July/August 1980 issue
                       of Recreational Computing Magazine. Originally written
                       by Joseph R. Power, and updated for Microsoft BASIC by
                       J.F. Stetson.
                       (an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/

wumpus.bas             Hunt the Wumpus, the timeless cave-crawling classic.
                       GW-BASIC source.

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