This directory contains source code for text adventures written in BASIC.

# Adventure_BASIC-PLUS.tgz

A port of the Crowther and Woods 350-point version of Adventure to
BASIC-PLUS, which ran on the DEC PDP-11. Ported by Keith Barnett,
dated December 24, 1977.


Miser, a conversion of a C64 BASIC text adventure
to MS-DOS, by Rene van Hasselaar. Archive includes
BASIC source code and an MS-DOS executable.
[file is linked from games/pc/]

# ORBmorteus.bas

The Orb of Morteus, by Hannah Orion. GWBasic source
code, written using PCBasic.

tuid: 5g2v7r2amwqh5izg

Alien version 2B, author unknown; play with CAPS LOCK
on. QBASIC source code, ported from BASICA by
Ambat Sasi.

tuid: 4j05rwrv3b97f5tz

Voyage to Atlantis, a TRS-80 adventure by Greg Hassett,
converted to QBasic by Nele Abels, with corrections by
Ambat Sasi. QBasic source code.

tuid: z5l4p8de3adpkelz

Escape from Atlantis, a small QBasic adventure,
by Thomas Ally.

tuid: 01fpne84vu6y11oq

Aztec Tomb (Part 1), an illustrated C64 text adventure
by A.R. Crowther, ported to DOS and QBASIC by
D. Raisin. QBASIC source code.

tuid: bl9e7uaffk1aybni

Breath Pirates, by Mike Snyder.
(a compiled MS-DOS version is in games/pc/

tuid: gj8dkv0ywaknt9hr

Beaten: An Interactive Adventure by Eddie Tomayko
Serial/Release No. 708/348, QBASIC source code.

tuid: r5igk4radvvxumbf

The Night of the Vampire Bunnies, by Jason Dyer.
A short game written in BASIC; somewhat a cross between
a black comedy and a B-movie. QBASIC source code.
Jason wrote this game at the age of 10.
(a port to Inform is in games/zcode/bunny.z5 (compiled
game) and in games/source/inform/ (source

# cia.bas
tuid: c8656ugbdfxth98f

CIA adventure.

# dogstar.bas
tuid: adnqhkzfgrrt5mtv

Dog Star Adventure, by Lance Micklus, taken from
SoftSide May 1979 (a TRS-80 Software Magazine), and
modified for the Zenith Z-100 by Gern.

# dracula.bas

A Microsoft BASIC port of a game, probably originally named "Vampire's Castle",
by Mike Bassman for the Ohio Scientific computer. This version is for VT-52

tuid: l0x3ovh4n31y9o1n

Castle Droganya, by Steve Chodes.
BASICA, GW-BASIC, and QBASIC source code,
conversion to GW-BASIC by Nathan Glasser.

tuid: 3khkyusn02gikj4l

GW-BASIC source code of The Wonderful World of Eamon
version 1.1, a text role playing game originally
written for the Apple II by Donald Brown,
ported to DOS by Jon Walker.
[See games/pc/eamon/ for compiled version 2 games.]

tuid: r1lewb30c8k6hneo

Escape from Hiddenite, by Lester Schramm.
QBASIC source code.

# elgon.bas
tuid: l1ysxrwi3tfe3kla

The Treasure of Elgon, written by Keith Hawthorn and
converted for the Microbee by A. Laughton.

tuid: suvec3ur02fnw0yk

Lonely Jamie, by J. Mellish.
GW-BASIC source code of a very simple game that
prompts you for one-word responses.

tuid: 3pxg7bis3bxsz1iv

The Last City, by Roger M. Wilcox.
BASICA and QBASIC source code, conversion to QBASIC
by Ambat Sasi.

tuid: xt96319ebnlsh0l2

Lunatix: The Insanity Circle, by Mike Snyder.
(a compiled MS-DOS version is in games/pc/

# magic.bas

Magic Realm, written by Gemino Michael Smothers,
in QBasic.


So I Mangled My Mom, by Aaron Oldenburg.
DOS executable and QBasic source code.
[file is linked from games/pc/]

tuid: plrmnwy8ke8n60op

The Treasure of McDooby's Mansion version 2,
by Jason A. Wells. GW-BASIC source code.

tuid: 48l0zi3ai9hzsnvw

The Melarkian, version 1.01, by Paul Panks.

tuid: ic3chsxtj3ff2er3

Pirate Island, by David Meny.
GW-BASIC source code and instructions plus QBASIC
source code, ported by Ambat Sasi.

# quest.bas
tuid: 4s6xy0r9wbztg7y2

A GWBasic port of Quest, originally written by
Roger Chaffee.

tuid: 336c5k10944xuqt1

Secret Quest 2010, an illustrated text adventure by
Eric Iwasaki, after an idea of Wayne Tsuji's.
BASICA and GW-BASIC source code plus QBASIC
source code, ported by Ambat Sasi.

# sceptre1.bas
tuid: lyht0ziynxad6hyk

SceptreQuest I, first and only one of a series of
seven, a very early adventure by Sean Givan.
GW-BASIC source code.
(see games/hugo/
for an embroidered port to Hugo)

# shell.bas
tuid: yyx2wakfjwnsytfl

Adventure Shell by Tim Harnell. GWBasic source code.
NOTE: To move type go, followed by the compass

# snafufun.bas
tuid: t8rm5lb8mtzblrst

"The Adventure" by Chris Kerton (his first try),
a fantasy role-playing game.  GW-BASIC source code.

# soviet.bas
tuid: 17vaqk81mr7o40uo

Escape from Soviet Science and Detention Base,
by David Meny.

# survival.bas
tuid: 8gze7kdzm4j84uch

Survival, MBasic source code.

tuid: 5ee3nxfcwzzb9w1d

The Temple of Loth, version 4.2 (25 July 1984),
by John Belew.

# tower.bas

Tower of Mystery, written in Microsoft BASIC, as
printed in Compute!'s Guide to Adventure Games by
Gary McGath, pages 166-171, transcribed by
Jason Wells.

# treasure2.txt

Treasure Dungeon 2, by David E. White.

tuid: tyb85wgqc2llym9q

The Vial of Doom, by Roger M. Wilcox.
QBASIC source code, converted from BASICA
by Ambat Sasi.

tuid: 5ee3nxfcwzzb9w1d

Wizard's Castle, published in the July/August 1980 issue
of Recreational Computing Magazine. Originally written
by Joseph R. Power, and updated for Microsoft BASIC by
J.F. Stetson.
(an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/

# wumpus.bas
tuid: wlbdh7n1ca7wy8oz

Hunt the Wumpus, the timeless cave-crawling classic.
GW-BASIC source.

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